Muting Topics (and dismissing topics/posts see post 25)

I muted “forum games” and didn’t notice anything going on with dice so that was a win!

Topic is synonymous with thread here.

However, muting an entire category is possible as well.

Maybe I missed it in this thread, but a topic/post can be dismissed.
This can be applied to a new topic and an unread topic post.

When you click you see this screen:

In the right corner there is a dismiss button. Clicking will show


An unread post in a topic/thread can also be dismissed with and without the option to stop following the topic/thread.

When you click unread (1) you see:

In the right corner there is a dismiss button. You can click dismiss with or without stop tracking.

The phrase

so they never show up again as unread for me again

should not be taken too literally. If you decide to spend four minutes reading that topic, you will be again notified if new posts occur on that topic.


But dice are great!

And spam games have happened in general before.

Also I spend lots of time in the forum games section on here.

Oh I just knew thread so then I thought the topic was just the bigger category.

People do have the freedom to speak, within reasonable limits.

However, people should also have the freedom to not listen.


Funny thing is, thanks to @yebellz reminding me of this option, I was in the process of muting the new games threads (diplomatic etc), and got tagged into the semantic one before I got to that thread.

I call this fate.


are you staying in the semantic one?

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Imagine if one day the muting topics thread needed to get muted by everyone.

I don’t know, I seem to have thrown a wrench in there… Pitchforks might be on the way…