At what time is it okay to make a minor comment on a topic, and not consider it necroing?

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If you’re adding something meaningful to the discussion, we prefer to have topics grouped together rather than 50 different topics all repeating the same information.

Times you should never necro include but are not limited to minor grammar or spelling corrections on a post from 3 years ago.

Times a necro may seem warranted but could possibly be split by a mod include if the information is outdated and a new user was not aware that the system had changed, for instance old posts about our former ELO rating systems before we switched to one glicko rating per user

In short, always ask yourself “am I adding something meaningful to this converstaion” and if so it’s probably fine to necro but if not it’s possibly not a needed comment regardless of how old the post is…


Ok - thanks!


If I feel like necroing something, should I be carefully looking for an old conversation so I can attempt to put something meaningful in it? I see others necro stuff, and I really want to necro something too. They make it look fun.

Lol, chances are if you have a search for it, you’re not actually adding anything meaningful to the conversation, and instead just resurrecting a dead thread for fun so it can die again.


Also, I still don’t understand why it is fine for bugcat to bring back an old thread to correct its grammar, but it is not ok for one to bring one back to correct it’s spelling. Aren’t spelling and grammar kind of similar?

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Just don’t do it. Especially not if you have to go searching for it (which would be necroing a thread for the sake of necroing, something that has been explicitly told to be bad behaviour)

If you find something old that is interesting for everybody to read, because it’s relevant or because everybody has forgotten about it while it was too great to be lost, then it’s alright to necro (just not too much).

Please do that only if you stumble upon it by accident or because it’s relevant. We have enough different topics to discuss already, and it’s hard to keep track of the important things if you have to go through 1.5 page of threads with new comments every time you visit the forum.

Perhaps it’s best to just “don’t do it, because don’t do it.”


In 3 years I’m going to come back here to correct this :joy:


Yes, please do. I am giving you my permission. Is that type of necroing allowed? I say yes because you have someone from 3 yrs ago’s explicit permission.


Alexa, set a timer for 3 years


So… this topic is going to close at some unpredictable time in the next 40 hours, so I’m going to post this now.

its* :rage:

EDIT because this topic is closed: yes, I could not have predicted BHydden close the topic.

Had to :wink: