Need help to setup for teaching

On these forums, for your forums user account preferences, did you try selecting to receive email notifications?

If you did, that weird email address linked to your forums account is actually like a proxy (for the purposes for privacy and concealing your real email address, I think), so you should still receive email, provided that in your account settings on the main site (visit and check account settings) is correct and your mailbox is not blocking OGS for thinking that it’s spam.

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My settings, as I said, is INCORRECT. And there is no way to edit the email address.

Is there any way to see a list of my recent games? If I create two demo games, are they listed anywhere? I don’t see any such list from the menu items or from my photo.

is there not a list Reviews & Demos at the bottom of your Profile page?

No, I don’t see this. I just see a list of preferences for the board and stones, sorry.


I found it by using the left-hand menu. Now how do I delete useless boards?

I think what I needed from the beginning was the instructions for the website. Is there a Help page? Can’t find it.

In the OGS site, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left, next to the logo. Scroll down a bit and you will see Documentation &FAQ. That’s maybe the best place to start, but probably playing a couple of games will help you get the feel of the site.

About the notifications, the weird e-mail address is in the forums site or on the OGS site? If you are in the forums, to the left of the weird mail you’ll see “Emails”. You can check your preferences from there.

About the game history, reviews and demo boards, it’s maybe easier to use the Profile menu from the top-right of the page, without even going to the left side menu.


Hi, I would also be interested in a “teaching mode”.

To summarize: you can share variations in analyse mode during the game
Online and real-time fiddling with stones can be done in review mode. So far so good.

However, I would like to see the functions from review mode during the actual game. So if the student makes a crazy move the teacher can show him things in real time, place markers and stones on the board etc. while the student is watching. The problem with sharing variations is that you first have to hack it in, only then be able to talk about it but making changes or show different variations quickly is a pain.
However switching from the game to review mode all the time is a hassle too.
So, in a teaching game it would be supercool to enable the teacher to take back moves, paint on the board, mark things etc. Just like in review mode.

Kgs has it, if you start a designated teaching game all those options become available to the teacher. Because of this my teacher and me go kgs for teaching games but I would be very happy if we could do it on OGS for obvious reasons :wink:


There’s potential in this idea.


Wouldn’t it be enough to have a “live version” of analyze mode available for teaching games?

I say “live” in the sense that you do not need to click “share variation” but rather the student sees the variation as the teacher makes it.
Ideally the game would pause automatically when entering in this mode?

Sort of. But more like a live version of review mode. Teacher (or as a matter of fact, also the pupil) can take over control, show the things he wants to explain. Then he can go back to the original gamestate, hand over control back to the pupil and play on normally.

In terms of options on how it could go:

  • Add extra features to analysis mode (live analysis) for these special teaching games. Will probably need another game type other than unranked, or extra game settings at least to toggle this on and off for unranked.

  • Some button for teachers instead to redirect both players to and from the review. At the moment one would have to pause the game, tell the student to go to the review board and then come back (at least changing tabs or changing the page one views, since reviews are a separte url). This would probably again need to be a setting to make such a button appear in an unranked game.

  • One could imagine adding features to the OGS demo boards instead. Allow the owner of the board to assign players to each color (imagine themselves as White, student as Black) and then they still retain the ability to do review whenever, but the student can play their moves. Demo boards are also basically reviews (can give control), but just without a main game to follow.

Just some ideas in summary.


My screen is identical when I make a review and when I enter Analyze mode.
As far as I understand the main (only?) difference is that “analyze” is volatile, while a review gets its own permanent url so it can be accesed later on by anyone :man_shrugging:
I’d love the knowledge of someone more experienced than me :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for your wonderful post. I believe there is only one developer here, so he has to work on the most important fixes first, but I do hope that the facilities for teaching here are improved. There are so many great changes that could be made for this specific use. My own experience in teaching one beginner was frustrating, as we had to spend most of our time experimenting to find ways we could both see each other’s moves and both be able to place and remove stones. The Analysis Mode is wonderful for one-person analysis because of its freedom and clear visualization of the game tree. I use it after each game to improve my play, But it is really needed for multi-person teaching use as well, free of any effect on ranking.