No more email notification since upgrade


I do not receive mail notification that it is my move since the upgrade yesterday. Is somebody else experiencing this as well?

The site looks really good, though! Compliments!

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I have not been receiving email notifications even before the upgrade…

I was getting email on waiting moves. I haven’t seen one since the upgrade and I have all the items checked in the Settings page.

That seems the same behavior as for me. Also checked the settings.

I figure it is time to make a little noise.

Hey, @trohde, is this issue on the books?

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Uhm … TBH, I haven’t looked into the “books” since I’m relatively overwhelmed by my own life issues already … but summoning @anoek and @matburt, thank you!

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I just received a game has started email, but no it’s your move emails yet.

I, too, am having the same issue. No email notifications coming in since the server upgrade despite all of my preferences are all checked under email notifications.

One a side note for fixing notifications - can there be added an option to send an email for available games only once, not for each game? I’m making all available moves across all the games when I visit OGS, and then I need to clear several dozens of emails about “it’s your move” in each of those games.

So this notification will send a report that there is a game with a move and no new move waiting notices until you connect to the server, or until you make a move?

Do you want a notice on the specific game, or just a general notice that a move is waiting?

Do you want other notices to still be sent, or do you want to suppress all of them (or some subset)?

I want it to be just a single notice that I have moves available, I guess until I connect to server and see them. It’s the same as with forums where you do not get a mail for every post in every topic you’ve subscribed to, but a single notification “there are new posts in your bookmarks, go visit”. I don’t see it to be too complicated to implement.

I have also not gotten any “it’s your move” emails since the 13th.

Before the upgrade I didn’t receive any email notifications, but now I’m receiving email notifications that reminds me that my time is running out. I’m not very sure about other emails. That’s the only email I receive.

Same issue here – no notifications of any kind, although I have every checkbox on in my profile.
I even tried switching to a different email account to shake things up, no effect…

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I have the same problem.

I’m having the same problem. No “it’s your turn” emails, just an email saying “you are almost out of time”.

same here, painful regression for correspondance games…

I’ve been having the same issue. Any idea when it’ll be fixed?


Since the server upgrade, I do not receive anymore the “It’s your turn mail”. I already tried to switch it off/on, but no success.

Can someone help ?

Thank you very much

There’s already a thread about this here. I’m marking this as a duplicate (don’t have permissions to merge) so we can concentrate bug reports in one place instead of a bunch of disparate threads.

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