Nova League

The rules for the Nova League were that the winners would be determined by the total number of wins and that class placement (as determined by the results of January and the ranks of the newcomers) would serve as tie-breaker. See this post Rules (updated June 16)

In the class H3 both terr and me won 2 out of 3 games (the so-called tie in challonge is an opponent who never accepted the invitation in challonge). Since I was placed first in the class after the results from January, I should have been the winner. However, terr was declared winner.

xhu informed me that this was the case “because terr won 2 out of 3 games” and “plus, you requested a resignation in the middle of February”. The first explanation is no explanation at all because I won 2 out of 3 games as well and the second one is untrue and the “plus” indicates that it was not even the actual reason for the decision.

I played all my league games for February before the middle of February and I informed xhu of my decision not to play in March and that I had already finished my February league games (except for the opponent who did not log in at all). I did this early to make sure that he would not have unnecessary work by including me in pairings. I certainly did not resign from the February league that I had already finished playing. (I might also note that I resigned for March because newcomers of the same rank as me and some of my class mates have been placed 4 to 5 league classes higher than us.)

I am writing this post because I think that everyone should know that one cannot trust that the nova league will adhere to its own rules.

Hello @Wulfenia,

First of all, thanks for writing the lengthy feedback!

I have double-checked Challonge and the February pairings sheet. The situation you described is correct; you were indeed the top placed player of your rank, and you should have been the winner even though Challonge ranked @terr 1st place in the class.

You are free to claim the winners’ badge at February Prizes Announced (with the commentated Lee Sedol game!). I will also grant you access to the commentated game.

  1. We appreciate your criticism; it is very important to us.
  2. The Nova League is created for the enjoyment in playing good games and the improvement by engaging in activities. We are not trying to create any sense of unfair hierarchy among classes on purpose; in fact, I am glad that you actually spoke up and stated the problem. :smile:
  3. We are now in our third month of running. No hiccups in the start of a great business can deem itself “untrustworthy,” even though we do make mistakes as humans. I am grateful for the fact that our 120+ league members have been offering the greatest level of support and accommodating the imperfections. You are very welcome to initiate good discussions with other league members in the process of creating a better competitive environment.

Of these reasons I have decided not to revoke @terr’s winner badge, as he/she has demonstrated good conduct and courteousness as a member. However, @terr also has the option to unclaim his/her badge, upon communication between both players.


I’m not playing in TNL, but I was still going to write a post with my opinions on the situation.
Well, @xhu98, you beat me to it, and I have to say: I absolutely love the response that you gave on this issue!
The way you resolved the situation, the way it was worded - this is how league administration should be done.
Lots of praise and kudos to you! :smile:


well I’ve discovered only today that there was smth wrong with me being declared the winner and I don’t mind the change, no problem:)
but as far as I understand I’m still playing in my new class, right? that interests me far more than the badge


@terr Yes, you will still stay in your new class. Good luck with the games! :smile:

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Thank you for your reply and the access to the commentated game.

I do not mind if terr displays the badge. I have contacted terr before posting this thread and have no complaints.

My lack of trust was not due to your mistake, but due to your response to me by PM which was different from your response here.

If you think that I have not done my best to smooth over other imperfections then you are wrong, but there is nothing I can do about this perception.

Thanks for understanding, @Wulfenia! :slight_smile: I’m tremendously sorry if my previous messages caused any inconvenience and confusion…I was on my phone, and I would have found out a lot more (e.g. the February pairings sheet, which I could never load on my phone) were I on my computer.

Hope to see you back in TNL in the future! :blush:

Thanks to xhu98 for all his incredibly hard work to make this league happen.

With any arduous coordinator/organiser role, most of one’s time is spent dealing with the people who have problems (some of whom are nice and just trying to resolve something, some of whom feel extremely entitled to the organizer’s time and attention, and react with a distinct lack of understanding to any misunderstanding, mistake, or error).

I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of the dozens and dozens of us who are grateful for the league and admire how well it is being organised and for whom everything is going very smoothly.


Same as the others : many thanks for making the TNL happen, and being so kind to participants who tend to make rather peremptory comments :smile: