Novice looking for "Bird's Eye View" of a recorded game between two experienced players of Go

I’m myself quite involved in teaching/introducing (but not the only one ofc)

Well in that case i highly recommend you that book i mentioned before (including a 19x19 commented). It could be a bit hard to find.(out of print then reedited). It was so appreciated by some chess players i did introduce to the game as answering perfectly to their needs. I mean a taste for something a bit more systemic (& exhaustive) well structured. Not everyone likes such approach.


For beginners, I think Nick Sibicky is a great source of pro reviews. I watched a lot of his content before Covid


Yes, I was going to suggest Nick Sibiky. Something like

Just as an example but a lot of lovely videos that I really enjoyed as ddk


On the topic of Nick Sibicky, I remember some of the videos with Andrew Jackson being good.

For example

they play a game and discuss their ideas while playing.