Offering Game Reveiws for 10 Kyu and Lower

Thats a good question. Any board size. Thoguh preferably the ones that are normal shaped. Priorities change on a board that is like 17x10 or something. Thoguh, id give it a go to be honest.

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Please send me some links to games, im bored and doing game reveiws if fun for me. Also they help me improve my game as well. So, you’d be doing me a favour.


You could also try if you haven’t already.

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Yes please, I lost by 1.5 points. any help you can offer is appreciated.

Thank you for the suggestion! i have been on there and had a bit of a dabble. ITs not exactly what im looking for, but its certainly close, and i enjoy it.

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Hi there, the link below should be a reveiw for the game you played. You played very well I thought. Anyways, i hope that you find the reveiw both interesting, and informative!

If you have any other games you would like me to take a look at then send them my way. But also, if you have any questions about spesific moves in other games, then i can asnwer them. And lastly, if you have any questions to ask over the revwie i did, let me know. Im here to help!!!

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Also thank you @AdamR for setting up an AI reveiw of the game… that game me a few ideas to add to the reveiw, and helped me point out the endgame part of the reveiw i did for you.

Most excellent, I have had a brief look over but will have more time to go over things in more detail a little later. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

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No problem at all my dude! i hope you enjoy.

Still Accepting reveiw requests! If you have any games you would like me to take a look at, please do not hesitate to send me the links to the games!

((It would give me something mildly productive to do in lockdown!))

Also this is a little bit of additional teaching I put together. I put it in a seperate thread. But it may be useful if i kept it in here as well.

Can you review this game?

I felt pretty good about it while I was playing, (felt like I was doing a pretty good job) but in hindsight it seems like I was too passive.


@Quibono, Hi there, i didn’t do a super indepth reveiw of your game. but i have done one. I dont think an indepth review of a game is what you need, i think what you need is to learn a few of the basic stratergies and such. Ive pointed out some errors, but i dont know that you are going to be able to use what i have said in a constructive way. I think what you need is to learn the basics, get an inderstanding and feel for the reaosns that we play in certain ways, and then learn how to do that.

But, as it happnes, a week or so ago, I finished writing up a tutorial of basics that I really think you would find helpful. So I will post a link to that below the link to the reveiw I have done. (Basics for beginners)

If you have any follow up questions, or want some advice on where to go to learn things or whatever else go related, please feel free to come back to me and ask away!


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Hi I’m super new to Go. I’ve got a couple of books and I’ve been playing on OGS for a few days. Would you have time to teach me a couple of things?
I’m currently rated ~25k on the site :frowning: I’ve played about 20 or so games against 25k and 24k players. I think I can usually spot when the other player makes an obvious mistake in the opening but I struggle to figure out how I am supposed to punish such mistakes.
any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi there, Id love to teach you a few things!

First things first. My first piece of advice is to carry on playing go. There is nothing better than playing go to get a real good feel for the game, how the rules work, and generally, experience. It may seem like an excersize in futility if you keep losing, but, losing is simply just an oppertunity to learn.

Secondly. Check out this link, its a basics tutorial i wrote up for newer players. It does not have everything, but it does cover a lot, openings, opening stratergies, and why we paly certain different moves and such. I may be a little too proud of it, but i think its pretty good. Basics for beginners, turotial. (Click here)

Thirdly, id also be happy to have a teaching game with you, and then do a reveiw, or, you can post a link to one of your games that you want me to take a look at, and i will do a reveiw, and do my best to cover the points that i think you need the most work on.

And lastly, there is go problems. Some may say that you are too new of a player to do them, i firmly dissagree. The sooner you begin developing “Reading” skills, the better in my opinion. So, give a look at, or or even use the puzzle section on OGS itself.

If you have any other questions or want me to talk you through something, then by all means ask away my friend.

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Thanks so much! Your tutorial looks absolutely fantastic. You should be proud :slight_smile: I’ll finish going through it and then i would love to play a teaching game with you.
I’ve been trying out some tsumego puzzles and I think they are already helping.

But yeah just let me know when you’re available for a teaching game :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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Sorry for the late reply.

Im free most times. And im in the UK. So we can plan around whatever time differences there are. Or we could play a long game over several days. and thanks for the compliment on my tutorial XD i appriciate it deeply.

Im in the UK too so that makes things a bit easier in terms of timing. I’m free most of the time too (lockdown is fun). Can we play this evening? Add me on OGS :slight_smile:

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MAny appologies for getting this message a little late my friend. I have accepted your frined request, and look forward to palying.

Here is the completed game review my dude. I hope you find it helpful, but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.