Offering Game Reviews

If you are still offering teaching games I would love to learn. I don’t know how to make a challenge from the forum. I am 19K.


I’ll send you a challenge. Would you like to play 9x9 or 19x19?

19x19 please.


Hi noahthefuzzy. I would also love a 19x19 correspondence teaching game, if you have the time. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Send me a challenge please

Done. Thanks!

Would you explain to me about this game,
on move 75 to 78.
the other player pass then i’m also pass because the timer still on.
after we resumed he can get my black stone, i don’t know if it legal to do that?
but if we play it normaly, wouldn’t it be illegal move?
sorry for my bad english…
thank you…

Hi @asakura_yoga,

just my two cents for now at this review. Might add more later. Definitely needs verification.


Hi @parcer ,
First, I want to thank u for your review,
it’s really great, the variations you’ve made, i learn a lot. thanks…
so if, the 2 player pass and then resume again it will treated as first move, and then it’s legal…
Hmm…, okey then i’ll keep in my mind…
Thank you very much for the help n review…

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Please, I would like a review of this game.
It’s the worse game that i have played, I don’t knew how to stop the attack of my opponent, and with few moves, he had the four corners and the center, then I resigned.

I am learning some Josekis, but I am bad to answer opponent moves in my territory.


Thank you a lot, and sorry for take your time!!!

Hi Noah,
may I invite you to check out our website It’s a place to share games to be reviewed by other players. There are quite some open game review request that could be handled by a strong player like you, e.g.

I would be super happy if you would decide to join and review one of these (or other) games.

Thanks for the invitation. I’ll join

Thats very good news! :smile: I am really looking forward to see one of your reviews on our site.

could you please review this game?

which was the rigth way to invade the lower side?


Hello, thank you for your help!
Could you please review my game (i’m the 12kyu)?

I need a review pls. Hannibal534, 11kyu,

Hello :slight_smile: would love a review of this game of 8k vs. 4k.
thank you in advance mate!

edit: here’s the link … : )

Hi! Could you help review this game (9k vs 6k) pls. I lost this game but it was close.

Thank you!