OGS Bug?

I’ve created two custom ranked correspondence games. I selected restrict rank and chose maximum rank 24k because I’m new and terrible and want to play people equally bad as me. :slight_smile: But in both case players much higher rank were allowed to accept. Is that a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Please post a screenshot of the used settings.

But if restrict rank is checked and min rank is 25k or 24k, I don’t know what could be wrong.

It would be good to collect evidence.

I think there are some cases not quite fixed after the move to “humble rank”.

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Screenshot attached. Using those setting I got these two games, so you can see the ranks of the opponents exceeding the selection.


They got you confused as well :wink:

Minimum Ranking 25k
Maximum Ranking 24k

24k is stronger than 25k therefore 24k > 25k.


Hello @theexternvoid and thank you for the example :slight_smile:

you should actually be unable to even create such a settings (where minimum ranking is stronger than maximum) - the interface should immediately rewrite the other value, but somehow every once and then somebody manages to do it anyway :smiley: Needles to say computer does not know how to interpret a rank for which there is no solution.

I managed to reproduce it once, but never again :smiley: so if you can reproduce it reliably and tell us how exactly you are doing that, it would be a great help in solving the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you and sorry about the trouble, but playing stronger opponents is fine way to learn :slight_smile: as a compensation if you wanted to, I can try to review them games for you when they finish :slight_smile:

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So we do have a bug in that the form validation should probably stop a nonsense entry like that. But we also user error. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that next time.


Aha! Sometimes it validates, sometimes not. Here’s the key to reproduce it. Click Create. In the modal that appears, click Maximum Rank. Then instead of using the mouse to select an option, click the HOME key so that it jumps to 25k, or use the up arrow key. Then click in the modal window but not the menu itself. The key is:

  • You’re not using the mouse click to make your selection nor the ENTER key nor TAB.
  • The menu is expanded when you select.
  • You collapse the menu by clicking somewhere else on the screen.
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A few related suggestions

  1. Swap the positioning of the fields, i.e., put maximum above minimum.
  2. If the user tries to reverse the fields, they should automatically be flipped. Ideally, this could happen directly in the interface, so the user could understand the error and avoid it next time.
  3. As another level of error-catching, if somehow the fields are submitted to the server in the wrong order, then perhaps the server should just interpret them in the reverse order.
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I was just able to reproduce this (entry of reversed min/max rank restrictions) by following the steps in the GIF that you posted here:

For fixing the bug, my guess is that something in the modal is stopping event propagation when clicked. See this article for details:

Yeah it’s just doesn’t work for me anymore I don’t know why :smiley: server might be cursed or something. Neither does the OP’s solution seem to do it for me. I will try on different accounts maybe or something.

Can’t speak to all the programming possibilities/ideas, not really my area :slight_smile: but I will relay the info onto those more knowledgable

What a weird bug.

I was able to reproduce reliably with the following steps:

  1. Create custom game.
  2. Check the “restrict rank” box. This was defaulting to min=11k and max=15k, since the last game that I created was with these settings. Before that, it defaulted to min=max=15k. Note: prior to investigating this bug, I cannot recall ever using the restrict rank feature.
  3. I can change the min rank freely (to anything above 15k) and the max rank field does not adjust.

Note: if I changed the max rank field first, then the validation seems to work fine for both adjusting the min or max thereafter. Closing the dialog box and beginning at step 1 allows me to avoid validation again.

Update: I just figured out how to break reproducibility of the bug. I created a game with min=max=6k settings. Now, playing with the create game dialog, the validation works fine with adjusting either the min or max field.

I think the behavior persisted since I had never actually created a game after adjusting the max rank restriction. Somehow, creating a game after setting a different max rank caused the validation to start working properly for both fields.

I would have guessed that it was just a simple bug in the client-side validation code, but the above observations makes it seem like something funny is also going on in the interaction between the server and client (perhaps at least with how this data is being handled back and forth).

To further investigate reproducibility, I think it may be worthwhile to try on a fresh account.

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