OGS Game SGF Downloader


It only downloads 6-12 games out of 40 I wanted for me and closes without giving me time to read the error message. Anybody has any idea?

  1. Are you using Thouis’ or Rvzy’s tool?

  2. If you open a command prompt and then execute it from there, the window won’t close, allowing you to see any messages output to console.


The one by Rvzy. But I ran it from cmd as you said and it turns out the OGS server is refusing connection after 12 games downloaded or so.


Hm, that’s not a conscious behavior on our part. It might be cloud flare trying to protect us or something, though 12 seems rather low in any case.


I might have misunderstood error code though I am not web developer.


It is Cloudflare, but not necessarily a refusal:

520 Origin Error (CloudFlare)

Server Error
The 5XX class of codes indicate the server has a problem with the request.

This status code is not specified in any RFCs, but is used by CloudFlare’s reverse proxies to signal an “unknown connection issue between CloudFlare and the origin web server” to a client in front of the proxy.


Hello @Rvzy, thanks for the handy app!

I’m running into a problem though, when I use the app to fetch my games, it’s stopping at this game https://online-go.com/game/4200187 with error 403 Forbidden. Do you know possible cause?

The game is a mistaken fork of Lee Sedol’s game with Alpha Go, and the bot (Fuego) has since been deleted, if that info might help :slight_smile:


It seems to be private - I can’t open it in the web browser either from my account.


o_0 You’re right! That might be the case.

Now if only I know how to un-privatize it…


I don’t know of a way to do that - ostensibly to preserve privacy of the other player (wouldn’t want someone to believe they’re in a private game only to have it be made public later without their knowledge or consent.)

I haven’t looked at RVZT’s tool, but have contributed to Thouis’ before. Adding authentication for your account shouldn’t be too hard (just need to make an API key) and would let you get all of your games. I might add that as an option to Thouis’ at some point if I have enough free time.