OGS Notifier (Chrome extension) stopped working with the new OGS version

I have the original OGS Notifier from prozz, and the new version of OGS broke it.
Has the API been broken?
Is it a bug in the OGS Notifier?
@prozz @Traveller @scubakid


seems so … and it would be nice to have the option to load the pages as https there, too

FWIW my plan is to do an “official” notifier extension for chrome in the next few weeks


extension is working now with https


Bravo @prozz,
Does that mean the API stopped working on http and only works on https?

This is true, I guess this was the cause of the problem… we do redirect but I guess something didn’t like that :frowning: … Cudos to @prozz for getting that fixed up so quick, many thanks!

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broken again in new OGS :frowning:

Yup, see here:

any update on this matter?
Still not working…

I think this thread is a little more recent: OGS Notifier plugin for Chrome