OGS-Notify: Helper app for iOS released!

Hi all,

For all iOS users out there: I have made a small iPhone app, that I hope is useful for correspondence players. The app notifies you when you have a game waiting and allows you to jump right to the game. In the app you can quickly see how much time you have left for your next move.

It utilizes iOS notifications and so you have full control of how and when you will be notified. For example you can silence the sounds of notifications and when in Do-not-Disturb mode, notifications will be unobtrusive. If you make your move, old notifications will purged so you won’t be swamped by a list of deprecated notifications.

The notifications will also show you the Go board, with the latest stone marked, so you can start thinking about your next move without even leaving the notification. Is the next move a tough one? Just leave the notification there for later when you have the time for your next stone.

You can find the app here.
It will be free to download throughout this weekend!

If you have any comments or thoughts about it, please let me know!


PS: You can also get a notification app for macOS!


This sounds great, thank you for your hard work! I’ve pinned this thread for the next 25 hours so hopefully many people can take advantage of your promotional period!



I also have your macOS menu app, nice to see it as an iOS app also now.

And while we’re here, pls allow me to ask a question:
On iOS, under “trohde 9 Kyu”, it says:

B:910 L:995 C:1168

What’s this?

Thanks in advance,

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That should be your rating for Blitz, Long and Correspondance games.

It’s not.

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Oh yes there is a discrepancy! :thinking:

The displayed value are obtained from
the API for eg. rating_blitz. Seems that the definition of the rating has changed at some point.

I will try to find the mapping and release an update!
Thanks a lot @trohde and @BHydden for pointing that out!

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@flovo might have some insight into that

You might consider using

    "ratings": {
        "overall": {
            "rating": 1712.339342137722,

As it is the only official one used for match making and the others are just for flavour.


I don’t know for sure what ‘rating_blitz’ and it’s friends are. My personal theory is they are the old Elo ratings (never changing since they aren’t calculated anymore)

I’d recommend to use the ratings entry BHydden mentions to calculate the overall rank as well OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!


Just wanted to pop in and say, great work! One of the very few times I am sad not to own an IPhone. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for such a great idea. I checked it. It’s awesome, the app notifies when i have a game waiting and allows me to jump to the game. It’s good time used and here i have full control to play and choose when to play

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@Lord_o_o_Spoon, @jamieplanger Thank you for your motivating words!

I have just updated OGS Notify:

  • You can now use the browser within the app to play at OGS. No more cluttering your browser with dozens of open tabs.
  • Fixed the display of ratings and other minor improvements

So please go ahead, let me know what you think of it and have good games! :smiley:


Hi everybody!

I have just updated OGS Notify for iOS again:

  • Support for Widgets! You can now see your waiting games directly in your Home Screen and start playing with one single tap!
  • Adopted the raking to the changed algorithm, so you should see your new rank!

I hope you enjoy it and have many good games! :smiley:


IOS is not have OGS. very sad.

If you need any help with the app, just send me a private message!

OGS Notify should be available in every country! :smile:

Hello @Salog,
how about your macOS app? Is it abandoned?

I’m pretty sure there is an iOS app. It looks nice, although I haven’t used it. @HongAnhKhoa is the developer and may care to elaborate :slight_smile:

Just to be clear: OGS Notify is an iOS app available for iPhones and iPad! :smile:

Just follow the link above and you‘ll get to the AppStore.

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Hi, thanks for reminding me! I‘ll have to polish it a bit to keep it up to date.

I am on it!

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