OGS Puzzles Poll

Would you have it that users submit/create puzzles for a main puzzles section that they can maintain/withdraw, or possibly say that certain ‘trusted’ users (mods+others like Joseki explorer) could edit the puzzles?

Hopefully a request that’s a step toward that, but probably way down the priority list :slight_smile:

I guess if there’s one centralised collection like in 1. this is more doable, with a puzzle Elo or other idea.

Maybe some people like their idiot ones :slight_smile: But yes, if one wants to remove clutter having users that can maintain the collection of puzzles could be good :slight_smile:

Suggestions for OGS puzzles

Don’t do the same and do better as goproblems.
How? by using the specific of OGS.

Introducing a challenge between players.
Ideally we could have a tsumego rating (aside your go ratings) The problem is it would be an incredible effort to rate all the problems with some consistency.

So I was thinking we could have tsumego ladder based on how many problems you solve and pondered by their difficulty.

We could consider an autoestimation of each problem given by the success in solving and linked with the level of the player.

Each player has 3 groups of problems
The not touched yet. The not solved. The solved.
Solving not solved should give less points
Solving solved even less.

If a 11k solve it it becomes a 11k tsumego, unless a weaker player did solve it too (13k for ex).

Problems points are pondered by level for example 30-26 25-21 20-15k…

Then we determine the condition to stay in the ladder (12 problems/month min for ex)

What do you think? Can we make this even better?


As far as I am concerned people can still enter their puzzles in their own collections.
But what I would like is that (apart from all these collections) there is also a pool where all those puzzles from all collections are put together.
That pool should be well categorised according to - I think - level and type puzzles

level of puzzles:

  • beginner
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • dan

type of puzzles:

  • local problems (corner) versus whole board problems
  • begin / middle / endgame
  • subjects: connecting groups / killing groups / life and death / tesuji, etc.

Note that this grey area is just a suggestion, nothing more. See it as a starting point for a discussion.

If puzzles are grouped together like this, you can practice puzzles roughly corresponding with your play strength on subjects you are interested in. Advantage is that you don’t have to search periodically for an interesting collection.

Adequate puzzle ranking is an important factor. A lot of the collections don’t bother to rank at all anymore (and get automatically 12 kyu, which might be correct, but most of the time will be misleading).
There is a tsumego server (can’t remember which one) which employs an algorithm for ranking puzzles. Would be great to use that.

Enough for now.

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I skipped what could be the most important.

About the 3 categories: as soon as you try to propose a solution, ogs check it. Then record a win (or a miss).

These results are stored backend, so you can’t delete them or you do a full reset

Like this there is encouragement to effectively read and some competition vs the ladder.

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A pool like that would have to be maintained. (Add and remove puzzles, check solutions…)

Besides a copy is not needed we can just use a tag system.

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Agreed. Is OGS Puzzles maintained?
Could be wrong, but have the impression that it is not maintained.

If I compare OGS Puzzles with other tsumego servers, two aspects are remarkable:

  • quantity: OGS has a lot of puzzle, more than the other ones, I think.
  • quality: the user friendliness of other servers is much better than OGS Puzzles.

If the OGS community wants to compete with other tsumego severs, a serious revamping is unavoidable.

This is only my opinion. Don’t know if others agree with it.

But should it be decided that the puzzle section can and should be maintained (add and remove puzzles, check solutions, writing captions, assign difficulty levels, etc.), then I am willing to spend time and energy on this.


Agreed about revamping being required if making OGS a place to go for puzzles is an important goal. (Which it well may not be.) If that ever happens, I too would be willing to help with quality control, adding meta data and so on.

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Considering the quality of some contributions it’s a bit sad if they are depreciated by the tools.
Leaving these contributions burried somewhere isn’t something which makes OGS look great either.
Instead if taken a bit more with consideration it could become one more reason to be attracted to use OGS.

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Should I alert the mods that we (@richyfourtytwo , @Groin? and maybe others )are willing to invest time and energy into revamping the Puzzles section and/or maintaining it?

Did I say that? I m busy already checking your tsumego post :rofl:

No, that is why I put a question mark after your name .

Fine with me, but this will require coding efforts, so I have doubts we’ll see anything soon.

we will see.