One time donations?

I want to donate money for the site but not monthly. I found some old posts from 15/16 but no solution. Is there any progress for one time donations to the site?

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it’s probably a burden to handle but communicating an IBAN account for OGS might be a workaround.


I like the idea and these days with onlinebanking it would be almost as easy as paypal…

My understanding is that it is a current WIP.

In “Ads, OGS, and you” this was mentioned - however end of October is gone by months ago and some sort of update would be nice.

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I am sorry but i dont know what a WIP is? Could you explain that for me?

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Work in progress - as in “it´s being worked on”

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Yes @og1L I agree.

Well considering how long i’ve promised this, it’s probably not worth much that I say “It should be pretty soon now!”, but it really should :slight_smile: Basically the long and skinny is, it’s pretty much all coded up and ready to go - there was some tangentially related legal stuff to work out that took way longer than I thought it should related to me moving between states, then the holidays hit, followed by some catch up work, and now we’re half way through Janurary… but things are starting to clear up now and all of our paperwork is order, so this is pretty much the first order of business to take care of after Monday’s server upgrade :slight_smile:


@anoek: Fantastic! Thank you very much for the update on the situation/progress and the effort put into this!! :sunglasses:


Thanks for letting us know @anoek

Please make sure that these will be possible via PayPal. Not everyone in every country has a credit card and with the current system no donations/support are possible without one since PayPal only allows recurring payments if one has a CC linked to it.


So glad to hear this – thanks for the work on this!

Now that one time donations are possible a quick write-up or summary would be nice. Questions I have include:

  • Does a one-time donor also become a site-supporter in the same way as a regular donor?
  • Is there a minimum donation before that happens?
  • Is there a minimum donation in general? My thinking here is if a donation occurs fixed fees or a percentage of fees - i.e. if from every donation $5 occur in fees any donation smaller than that would make no sense and cost OGS money.
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Also, do one-time donors get a gold circle as well? If so, is there a donation threshold for it? I’m fairly broke but one-time should be feasible soon. :slight_smile:

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Yep, one time donors are marked as full site supporters too of course :slight_smile: The gold circle and golden name last for a year. I think our credit card processors have a $1 minimum, not sure what the limit is in other currencies.


Just wanted to say thanks for making this possible! I’ve made a one-off donation and will again in future!


I was going to make a one-time donation (selecting 25€) with Paypal. It is then showing the above picture which I find confusing and unsettling somehow…


Well, the site supporter needed % DID drop quite a bit since yesterday. So that was you. Thank you for your contribution ( ´ ▽ ` )b .

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That is really interesting. It looks like the correct value is listed down below, but then 100x listed above. Huh. What’s more interesting is that’s a paypal form, so I’m not even sure it’s our bug to fix :frowning:

Several folks have donated with the one time system and in Euro’s no less, but it might be a language/country specific issue for them.

Maybe try again in a day or two and see if it magically resolved itself?

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The only reason I can think of is parsing. In EUR, we separate euros from cents with a comma.
25,00 eur = 25 euros.

In other regions, the separation is done by period.
$25.00 = 25 dollars

If someone were to use 25,00 in a US system, that may be interpreted as 2500, aka 2500.00 depending on the implementation.

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