One time donations?

That post by og1L spooked me!

I also made a one time donation the other day.

Do we get a confirmation email / receipt? I can’t seem to find one.
Is there a page on the site that indicates our transaction?

And BTW do we not have an inbox at OGS anymore…?

Paypal should send you one, you should also be able to log into paypal and see it in your list of transactions to verify everything looks ok. I haven’t gotten any thousand dollar/euro/pound/etc donations so I don’t think anyone should have any surprises waiting for them, do let me know though!

Nah I never ported that over in v5, i think like 2 people noticed… well 3 now!

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Yeah not a bad line of reasoning, though I don’t think that’s what’s going on since the correct value is shown up there (in the small print), just not in the big number up top.

I suspect they might internally deal with numbers in terms of numbers of cents (or numbers of smallest fractional unit of the currency), that way they can perform math like normal without having to deal with fixed floats or fixed precision libraries and whatnot, and someone didn’t scale that number back down for that display or something.

Well needless to say that image spooked me as well and thus I did not hit the “pay”-button. I do like OGS but food and stuff is also pretty neat.

PS: I just tried a few things and changing the language of my Paypal-account or choosing a different currency did not make any difference. Still showing the 2500 instead of 25.

Inbox and private message overlapped each other, so I think it was a good choice to leave it out of V5.

Just an update: The problem with Paypal seems to have disappeared and the correct amount is now showing - giving some peace of mind for one-time supporters.