“Online GO” App for Android

Do we know if the app is letting these through also? I couldn’t quite tell from the report. It looks like Malkovitch comments.

I can’t remember if it’s been said yet or not, but it’s not ALL malkovich messages that are being let through, only certain games for some reason… I too use this app and I have checked active games of known heavy malk users and none of them are erroneously coming through for me

I tried the app, but not being able to set time settings for custom games is a non-started for me.


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Maybe start your games on the desktop, then use the app to play?

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Yeah, that’s pretty essential feature. Fortunately the website works fine on mobile.

Hi @MrAlex just tagging you here to see if you think the new developments of rengo on OGS might also work in the app.
It started here:

And is happening here:

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Hi guys, sorry for the disappearance act, life got in the way :slight_smile: I have a newborn to take care of now :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve just released a new version, it has a few bugfixes in it, including:

  • some games not showing up
  • malkowich chat sometimes shown to the opponent
  • new chat system that uses REST instead of polling each game. Users with many active games should see a huge improvement in performance when starting the app.

@_Sofiam could you kindly have another go at the new version and let me know if it’s any better for you now?


Happy babycare, Felicitation!

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Try studying this one https://github.com/SabakiHQ/deadstones/blob/master/src/deadstones.rs

Edit: Never mind I thought it was a new topic.

Hi, congratulations and best wishes!

Yes, I just tried. It tells me “It’s yout turn in 84 games” but the real number is 779. In the games that appear I can play and they disappear from the list after I play, but they are not all of them.
Huge improvement though, if I want to make some moves from the app I can do that, it doesn’t crash :slight_smile:
Thanks for continuing to try!


OT but congratulations!


Aaaargh you’ve been busy it seems, you’ve actually hit another limitation of my app that makes everything crash and burn when you have more than 999 active games at the same time. Previously you’ve had like 800, so I wasn’t aware of this… Anyway, I fixed it, it should work in the next version.

That’s actually good news, I think that the next version will actually be usable by you then!

My pleasure, thanks for repeatedly testing it out!


One more for the road!

  • App should now support more than 999 active games, although this is untested for obvious reasons. @_Sofiam can you please give it another go? Please try just updating, but if that doesn’t work can you please try deleting the app data (or clean reinstall) and then re-login?
  • fixed a bug where after updating the app the AI game would stop working permanently (unless the app was reinstalled or data deleted)

I can no longer open the app :frowning: Uninstalling and reinstalling it didn’t help.

well that’s incredibly weird. If you’ve deleted the app then you’re just like any other user, until you log in the app can’t possibly know there are 1.5k games incoming. Can you describe when the crash is happening? Immediately after opening the app or is there something going on first?

It happens immediately when i open the app, before seeing anything else.

Ok, sorry about that it seems this particular build crashes on all old-ish Android phones. I’ve released a new version that does not have this particular problem, but it should be with you probably tomorrow.


The real number is 20 times higher
Edit: now it gives me the correct number, but it freezes and crashes after a bit.

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Hmmm… I can’t see any crashes for your user, only throttle requests, which means if there are a lot of games to update it will take a long time to do so (for example the first time you start the app or if you didn’t log in for a while).

It shouldn’t crash though, I suspect the app is running out of memory, as some of the algorithms there are sacrificing memory for the sake of speed. That strategy might not be a good one when you have so many games. I’ll try again some more :smiley:

Anyway thanks for trying, I’ll give it a few more goes in the future.

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the terms and the differences between them.
I have tried again now. It gives me a higher number than the real one (50 more games) and “crashes” on the homepage (I can’t scroll, change page or open a game). The error comes after several minutes, and it’s this:

(I’m sorry because it’s in Italian :sweat_smile:)

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: I’m sorry it’s so difficult