Online go VS. Real go. Which is better? Poll closed

To me, online go can be played with people from all kinds of countries. You also do not need a go board to play. On the other side, online go is played in a computer or mobile device. Some may not be able to afford it.

Playing in real life can let other players communicate easily.


I highly resonate with the idea that the game of Go is a discussion between two people… like all discussions, it might be easier online, but it is always better face to face :heart:


Whoops. Sorry. Please vote again.

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Time to make IRL Go Server [Kappa]


We could install a video conference feature :rofl:

Zoom + OGS

just kidding

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Great… now we get to discuss whether @yebellz would pronounce it

  • zed-oh-gee-ess
  • zee-oh-gee-ess
  • zogs (rhymes with dogs)
  • zOHgs (rhymes with rogues)



Last one, rhymes with rogues


I know… I was just being pedantic :sunglasses:


You know I have been thinking about this…
surely there are a few who have an external webcam and can set up an overhead board view.

both players setup their own view, and like OGS the game is played in the same orientation on both.


We are starting to drift off topic…

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I think that recent times have reminded many of us that even our best technology is so woefully inadequate at capturing the essence of another person being physically present.

Like all games, Go is ultimately a social activity. While the anonymity and distance of online play is even appealing in some cases, there’s also a sense of sadness in the absence of a more human connection.


But it will cause the server to become very laggy…

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This post illustrates how much is missing in any virtual, digital realization of the game


That’s what u call “traditional” :grinning:

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I would love to play in person but this virus thing makes it hard to do so. The club I used to attend is small but that gives me a chance to know the players. At best I get to play once a week when not in quarantine.

Online go has it’s place. Play anytime, enforced timer, able to listen to my own music, no clean up and keep record of all games played.

If I absolutely had to pick one then it be online.


This question exudes a certain synchronicity, given current events. Which is “better” is such a binary choice, when each obviously holds their own merit. Take the current limitations on social interaction. I’m sure that most people here would overwhelmingly agree that being able to go out for in-person social gatherings would be “better” than being relegated to various videoconferencing services, but such services provide a heretofore unseen degree of remote human connection.

Such is the case with online go versus in-person go. The latter has a more human feel, a closer connection with other players, with the stones and the board, but it’s often a difficult or altogether proposition to gather to play in-person games. To that end, online go allows thousands of geographically disparate individuals to play, at the expense of that connection.

All this to say, in a rather long-winded fashion, that I don’t think either is better than the other as a whole. Each have their own drawbacks, but also their own crucial (and, with current technology, inimitable) advantages.


I think it depends on the person, like the “pen and paper or keyboard” question.
If the player can’t focus and think in front of a screen, offline Go is better.


You have pegged it exactly. I find it much harder to focus on the screen rather than the palpable real board. Probably because I was about 30 before personal computers even existed. I imagine that younger players are much more comfortable with the online environment.


I dont believe any of this lol.

Its not old and young, or what we are used to… We are just having different conversations. It is semantics.

No one prefers to not play on a real board.
People prefer: having a wealth of opponents, having scoring done for them, convenience, not wearing pants, ect…

but this is not “do you like playing on a real board vs digital screen board.” We are only discussing who has a large number of competitive games available in real life vs not…
I would guess that every person voting for online go would prefer a real board if other factors were the same. If you had to bring a laptop to a local meet and find a person irl to play go with on your computer, no one would choose that option.


Everything is better when there is more human interaction, even if computers are used.

Imagine this. Let us say that you are 14 years old. What is more fun?
Playing a football game with your friends online through a console and competing just for the win ?
Playing the same football game in the same console, but you are all together in the same room.

The obvious choice is the second one because it has so much extra things going on.
You can see your friends, interact with them, tease them, shout “gooooooooaaaaal” in their faces, jump around when you score and so forth.

Obviously Go does not have such upbeat reactions around the board while the game is going on, but there are equivalent additions to the experience of playing that come from the fact that you are in the same room with your opponent and interact with them.

You can see their face, you can judge their mentality or their reaction to a move, you can bluff and feign confidence even when you cannot read even in the next 2 moves, enjoy the feeling of playing actual stones on a real board, have some tea/coffee/whatever or even have a break with your opponent or review the game afterwards … so many nice things are added in a real life game :slight_smile:

Having said that I’ve never had a real life game, but those are the reasons I want to play in an actual board.