Online go VS. Real go. Which is better? Poll closed

Everything is better when there is more human interaction, even if computers are used.

Imagine this. Let us say that you are 14 years old. What is more fun?
Playing a football game with your friends online through a console and competing just for the win ?
Playing the same football game in the same console, but you are all together in the same room.

The obvious choice is the second one because it has so much extra things going on.
You can see your friends, interact with them, tease them, shout “gooooooooaaaaal” in their faces, jump around when you score and so forth.

Obviously Go does not have such upbeat reactions around the board while the game is going on, but there are equivalent additions to the experience of playing that come from the fact that you are in the same room with your opponent and interact with them.

You can see their face, you can judge their mentality or their reaction to a move, you can bluff and feign confidence even when you cannot read even in the next 2 moves, enjoy the feeling of playing actual stones on a real board, have some tea/coffee/whatever or even have a break with your opponent or review the game afterwards … so many nice things are added in a real life game :slight_smile:

Having said that I’ve never had a real life game, but those are the reasons I want to play in an actual board.


A 1000 times yes :slight_smile:


Attention:The poll will be closed in a week.

actually playing IRL is so great, especially on a really nice set. There’s just something about it…

That said, I do enjoy being able to review games online. My recollection in real life is a bit lacking, so I do enjoy that about online go. (you guys are all right too ^_^)


I don’t know, every time I went to a club it never felt to be worth the commute time.


Oh, that’s SO SAD :frowning: I wonder what kind of clubs those were … the only clubs I have played in (Hamburg and my own tiny village club) always were a lot of fun, with friendly and interesting people.


@BHydden you should create the voting thing

There already is one in another thread. It was fun to read. It was about how people pronounce this website and stuff.

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