Other social medias

Hi there,
I don’t have myself access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, twitch, reddit…

So I am curious how and how often you use these other media’s for things related to weiqi

Thanks for contributing anyway.


I use YouTube to watch go videos but none of the others.


Incidentally Youtube, but the rest … never.
I found Facebook a waste of time, so I dropped out years ago.


Adding my voice to the chorus: only YouTube, where I watch go videos and other videos regularly, but only as a lurker, not as true social media. I never use any other social media for anything.


I start to worry because I will never know how is weiqi on Facebook :dizzy_face:

Telegram with Italian go players
Facebook with groups for Tuscany and Rome go players
WhatsApp with my go club
YouTube for videos (not very social)

Facebook is mostly abandoned though.


So these media’s are used same as a go server, play/watch games or mainly just chat/forum?

No didn’t try weibo. I used before weiqi QQ groups, we had real life meetings from it.

Twitch is, imo, the richest single source of Go content on the “western” internet. Every day there are several Go streams; usually the classic play-and-comment format, but sometimes tournament broadcasts or even special events like the Lee Sedol vs Handol match.


Chat and news.
Sometimes someone posts a puzzle or a question, but usually they are used just to keep in touch and scheduling meetings

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There’s a Facebook group called “Go(Baduk,Weiqi) players on Facebook” that has 10.7k members. There’s posts everyday about YouTube videos, Tsumego, go related art, general requests for info about go, there’s updates about katago there, tournaments etc.

I believe strong players and names you might recognise post there every so often.


I think one thing that I probably undervalue is the amount of materials available from Pro players for example on YouTube. Michael Redmond has been putting up Go problems a lot on Twitter, but he also makes short videos solving them on YouTube.

144 Go problem videos so far about 2-3 mins long each.

That and the other content on Joseki, game reviews and the alpha go material for the next book that he posts is great.

Of course there’s more great YouTube channels too

Also the AGA channel has a lot of good content and the Egf one that posted the twitch commentaries from the euro pro league.

Spoiled for content (in English, well compared to many years ago I imagine :slight_smile: )


Good news - after a couple weekends without an AGA Twitch stream, Michael Redmond will be back on the AGA Twitch channel streaming more AlphaGo vs. AlphaGo this Sunday, 10/25 at 8:00 PM EDT.

(Source, I’m producing the stream this weekend.)