Paypal Link not working for support

I tried to use Paypal to become a supporter, but the paypal link on the supporter page fails, telling me to try another time. Paypal is running fine, so there is something wrong with the link. I thought you should be aware of this problem – it’s costing you money!


Thanks! I’ve let anoek know.

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FYI it is the same for me when I tried to pay in euro. I have the following message from paypal site:
“Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.”
But I can log on paypal so it seems that it is more an issue between OGS and paypal web service.


Sorry for the troubles all :frowning: I’ve contacted paypal support and they are looking into it in theory. It’s top of the priority list to get sorted out.


Consider posting to the OGS announcement when PayPal fixes the problem. Who knows how many other potential supporters tried and gave up without saying anything.

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+1 doesnt work for me as well. same error message. i was a supporter in the past.

I got the same error when trying to pay with Paypal.

Yeah it’s quite frustrating, I’ve contacted support, they responded quite quickly initially but it’s been a couple of days off silence since. I’ll ping them again for an update. Sorry all :frowning:


Great news, PayPal got back to me and they had deprecated then removed a flag I was using, and so it started causing an error when they did the removal. It should be working now though!


@anoek seems to be broken again.

Redirects to

Bumping this as I’m getting the same message, please I would like to pay using paypal :pray: