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Why we need to have play?

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Are you asking why the link says play at not just / OGS / Online Go Server?

Or is your question something different?

This links to the page where you can find a game and play.
OGS has other pages for other activities like forum, chat, puzzles… With according names.
Ladders and tournaments are pages where you can play too, but separated from the play page.

There is no need but a choice to have made this page as not everyone come just to play (for example). There are many ways to organize a go website.

But some users think surely like you and would like better a direct access to the find a game features.

In fact the homepage feels a bit empty in my taste; there are some more topics in the forum discussing about the organization of the site. Try the search.
You can read this topic

For a light and quick interface there are two OGSapp for mobile phones which may satisfy you more (see topics in the forum), one for android one for iphones.

Did i answer your question?


My friend says he plays at this site. How do I find him?

A common enquiry it seems. I hope you know their username and can find them using the Search box at the top of the ogs menu. Details in the links ^

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Thank you!


my question is “Why we need to have play?”

Maybe you ask “Why we need to have played (before)”?
Well you don’t need to have played.

Still it’s a bit difficult to start playing so it helps a lot to do some tutorials.

Well Go is a game. Our community makes little sense if it doesn’t involve playing at some level.

Can you rephrase your question? We don’t really understand it.

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@BHydden thank you

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