Play with a friend on a phone

I remember there were suggestions about creating invite to play link directly.

But not as simple as it seems.

Hum i think the OP just want to change his phone into a portable go set.

In fact many software or go client have an option to do it, but usually that excludes the more advanced tool, like for scoring.

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I think a demo on OGS won’t be so bad as you can use SE to score

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Or practice manual scoring.


I thought you want OGS to provide that tool.

The old scoring tool (without AI) added to the demo board, might be pretty close to what you need.

I would mostly want to know a site or app which provides this.

If OGS can do it that’d be great of course, but I’d be fine with any solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Practicing manual scoring is possible of course, but not very convenient (nor very appealing when I try to show the game to beginners, it looks tedious…)

open a demo. play your game. When it’s finished (boundary well closed and dame
(neutral point) played) click score estimator. Mission accomplished.

later you will even have more tools to review.

I don’t understand what you want more? Tell me.

Ideally, I would want something that works exactly like a normal game, with time control and automatic end-game scoring and results. Just played on the same screen.

But using demo+SE may be the best workaround at the moment indeed.

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long time it was but this was offered on some other app. the crazy stones app ( a 2d bot on android) had a human vs human mode I think, and a Japanese federation had an app for exactly what you search, but that’s all from my weak sometimes memory. Both free on google store

I think this is what you need, but only on android phones.

Or maybe we can ask our OGS app developers on the forum to create this feature on the app. It lacks demo function at the moment anyway.

Crazy Stone seems to work, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks @claire_yang too

Crazy Stone seems to only have byoyomi time setting, Gridmaster has 4 different kinds of time settings and can be set to any value (crazy stone has a prettier interface though 🧚‍♀️)

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Manual scoring of both kinds is done by moving stones around on the board. It’s not the same as the counting you do during a game.

What are you referring about counting during a game? Groin was just talking about using the score estimator as an approximation and a guide for helping the score. And I was just plainly suggesting no score estimation tool is needed if just manually scoring themselves on the demo board.

I was suggesting to use the score estimator to score the game because our SE is pretty good at that too on a well finished ”game”, a demo in fact (not an estimation in the middle of a game).
I’m aware of the difference between an estimation and a counting, SE with his estimation provides us a quite reliable counting in fact (never had any mistake in my exoerience.)

Because the game is played on a demo in a kind of face to face using a phone, the scoring procedure don’t have to be like in a regular OGS game (confirm buttons) and the SE of lower quality you have before ending a regular game is replaced by the strong SE coming with demos and reviews.

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I get a crazy idea that maybe we can have a “manual score” mini-game as another alternative scoring method - players have to use the tools like in the review to move stones around into groups of 10s and this additional “scoring board” can be used to settle dispute and moderators can participate in fixing the scores if there are problems.

I thought that too, i m just in doubt that we can find a nice volonteer for a piece of work like that.

On android, the former “Go free” app by AI Factory ltd, now simply called “Go”, lets you set up a game between two humans, using phone just like a portable go set.
Limitations are: no time control at all, limited number of moves on 19x19 (180 moves). No limits on 9x9 and 13x13.

It counts score at the end of the game and has a sort of score estimation always on in the top bar.
It can also display some sort of territorial influence during the game (it can be switched on and off at any time).

I found it very useful with beginners.