Playing Go in Literature (Books, Comics, etc.)


The TV series Altered Carbon features Go rather heavily. I haven’t read the book on which it’s based, but I assume it must be there too.


Billy Bat by Naoki Urasawa


I read Altered Carbon a couple months ago in an SF book group and don’t remember go in it. Perhaps it was either minor furniture in the story or it was added by the TV series. Some group members said the series added a lot, as dramatizations often do. It’s a good book—basically a techno upgrade of Jack Vance’s classic, To Live Forever.


I’ve read this now thanks to it being mentioned here and I enjoyed it tremendously. So thanks!

It’s the best looking male protagonist playing go against the most intelligent female protagonist. So easy to connect with these characters as a reader! :joy:

Only one thing was strange: Implicitly the text seem to suggest that sex is even better than playing go.


Ah, nice :slight_smile:


From the book:

I doubt that there were precedents for the ceremonies that opened the Master’s last game. Black made a single play and White a single play, followed by a banquet.

It looks like this book is required reading for all correspondence players. :smile: