Please lock ALL topics after 3 Months of inactivity

Every few days another old topic gets pushed. Can we please lock all topics after 3 months of inactivity, not only some categories?

The Announcements and Tournaments categories could be an exception.

I’m fed up with all the"I’ve a problem that maybe is slightly related to a topic in this thread" and “I have another opinion” replies to many years old threads with hundreds of comments.

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I disagree. I would prefer to see all threads to not timeout and only be locked due to moderator action in special circumstances.

I think it is useful to continue an old discussion, rather than splitting discussion across multiple threads. Old points are no less valid and should remain easily accessible and in context.

Also, in some cases, reviving an old thread brings some good old content back into view.


Absolutely on that same opinion (@yebellz)


Me too.

Just found few threads locked, and could not contribute with my info in the right place. I was forced to put it in a not so good place.


Summoning @anoek for his opinion, and, maybe, action.

There’s pros and cons to both, I’m not too opinionated because of that. I’ve been annoyed at some threads being revived from the dead, but others it’s definitely appropriate… so meh?

I will note that I did look for this setting (because I actually thought the system was supposed to auto close old topics by default)… but I couldn’t find anywhere. So, with that in mind (unless I am missing something, which is entirely possible), it would appear we don’t actually have that capability, which kind of settles the debate for me :wink:


The ‘OGS Development’ categories close automatically after 3 moths.


The other categories don’t close automatically. So I think at least discourse supports this feature.

Yes, it appears to be a category setting.

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Ahhh ok, i had thought i’d seen it somewhere. Thanks!