POLL: How long do you wait to cancel a LIVE game?

Sometimes you accept a LIVE game and then you wait for your opponent to play a move. But your opponent doesn’t do so.

How long do you wait before you decide to cancel the LIVE game?

  • 1-10 seconds
  • 11-20 seconds
  • 21-30 seconds
  • 30 seconds -1 minute
  • 1-5 minutes
  • More than 5 minutes
  • I never cancel a game

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it mostly depends on the timesettings of the match i think, i would wait longer if a match has more time anyway , i wouldn’t wait for very long if the timesetting was blitz style.

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I (almost) never cancel a game. When I open games it’s usually correspondence or blitz. I don’t check who doesn’t play in my correspondence games and the blitz settings I usually use are very fast. Sometimes when I’m white I even don’t react on time and lose by timeout (because I get distracted while I’m waiting that the game starts).

Not sure that the players who cancel quickly are reading the forum.

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A lot of the time, I wait exactly a minute, if the opponent doesn’t greet.

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Once we get an answer to this can we please get automatic first-move timeouts? if you’ve got 20min main/initial time… you’ll be waiting 20 min before the system does something :joy:

I think lichess does 30s or something

I think we have (Still waiting the exact answer for live/blitz but in correspondence it’s 3 days)

Oh! Well someone let me know if there is a “starting timer” for live games because the last time I played regularly, there was none…

My goal still is to give full documentation on these specific timers (start, disconnection, scoring) in the wiki.

Seems pretty hard to get it.