[POLL] Shorten the 5 minute disconnection timer

OK. I’ve never heard of that before. Perhaps that case is a bit different. I don’t think Mr Tattersall invented the plaid? Anyway I don’t want to argue much more, you can leave “fischer” if you like. It just feels as wrong to me as “fourier transform” or “maxwell equation”.

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I was previously under the impression that the timing was only named after Bobby. I have since discovered he patented it. I may be coming around to your view :sweat_smile:

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Abel for instance has the adjective abelian that’s used in groups in mathematics, and that’s not normally capitalised.

I think similarly in a lot of mathematics texts euclidean after Euclid won’t be captialised.

Whether it should be capitalised can be up for debate. I think when something is being used so frequently in a certain context like euclidean distance, norm etc that really the attribution isn’t the actual point or focus, then probably it would just be disruptive to keep capitalising the word.

That’s probably more of a gut feeling than a formal rule, and probably dictionaries want to try to be consistent, even though language is just full of inconsistencies.

I probably would in informal settings :slight_smile:

I don’t really mind whether Fischer is written as fischer, but it should probably be consistent anyway.

I wonder did he really patent the notion of increment time, or just its implementation in the form of a chess clock.

We could just rename it to increment :slight_smile:

Yes but the family name of Niels is Abel, not Abelian. Like you can write a “galoisian extension” but “the Galois group”.


The most reliable source - wikipedia - has Fischer capitalised

" In increment (also known as bonus and Fischer …"
Time control - Wikipedia

Seems like pretty much all other sites also have the Fischer written with capital F too


Funnily enough, the British Go Association, whom i assume are decently good with the english language, have “Fischer Time” and “Canadian Overtime” written with capitalised letters, but “byoyomi” without capitalisation or the hyphen ://



Since this is an American website, it would be logical if we use the American spelling and grammar rules.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a national institute, that decides what is correct and what is not correct spelling and grammar. So @Conrad_Melville, is there such an institute in the USA?

My suggestion is to adopt those rules on spelling and grammar. In doing so we can avoid future debates on how to write Fischer, fischer, fisher or Fisher, etc.

Let’s choose one authoritative standard for website and Documentation & FAQ.

And now … back to the topic again, please.

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No it is not.
You have a much more limited capital of time as the full time of a game with classic byo yomi system. In a 30 mn game +byo i can use 10 mn for a move for example.
In a 1mn +30s to 2mn fisher, you are limited at 2mns.

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OGS actually doesn’t have a Fischer timing. It only has Capped Fischer timing. And the caps tend to be quite low*, which makes this time-setting more similar to Japanese byo-yomi than to true Fischer timing.

* By “low” I mean “about the same order as the increment”, which means you cannot truly accumulate time on easy moves and then use a lot of time on a hard move.

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I don’t think so.


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Do you have the link of an actual game actually played on OGS with those settings?

The cap for live Fischer used to be 1 hour, but it was increased to 4h to better accommodate EGF A-class tournaments

It works like that, tho usually games with 4h max time start with 1h or more main time ^^


No I don’t, I was just saying that it’s possible to use such time settings if you want. These settings are equivalent to uncapped Fischer: in order to reach the ceiling you would need to make 1437 moves.

Fischer by focusing on the time of each move will generate some stress, or awareness, or push to play quick to accumulate.
Will ask you to give the same timed attention to all your move.
That’s a big difference or there is something i don’t get?

With byo-yomi time controls, once you enter byo-yomi it may become stressful for the rest of the game. While with Fischer time, once you become short on time it feels like byo-yomi but since you can accumulate time (for instance if your opponent gives you a sequence of easy moves), you sometimes get out of byo-yomi-like condition.

I think you accidentally posted this to the wrong thread. Shouldn’t this be in the Updating Doc & FAQ thread? I am going to answer you in that thread (Updating Doc & FAQ - #34 by Conrad_Melville) and put in a link.

Indeed it’s all about which time setting you put.
You can put a very long main time at first in a fisher.

This discussion made me realize that Capped Fischer would
still make sense even if the cap was less than the starting time:

Before one has gone below the cap, one doesn’t get any increment.
After one has gone below the cap, one can’t go back above it.

Does OGS already allow that?
If the cap was not much higher than the increment, then this
would be close to ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ main time ​ ​ ​ plus ​ ​ ​ a single byo-yomi ​ .

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OGS doesn’t seem to allow that. I tried 10 minutes main time, and cap at 2 minutes (or anything less than 10 minutes) wasn’t clickable.

No. Since there was a discussion about Fischer, fischer, etc in this thread, I grasped the opportunity to campaign for a consequent form of spelling rules site/forum wide. You can see it as a form of guerrilla marketing. (Rather sneaky I admit).