Rank Instability on OGS

@hiryuu nah, I don’t believe you. Is this your account? So that’d be around 1k.

Let’s apply this formula. You can check on your rating graph that this numbers are true.
3k = 27 rank = 2017 rating points;
2k = 28 rank = 2082 (65 points difference from 3k);
1k = 29 rank = 2150 (68 points);
1d = 30 rank = 2220 (70 points);
50 points difference between ranks is around 1550, which is 12k-11k, a lot of players. 100 points difference which you mentioned reached only for ratings 3000+, basically no one.

Now if we look at your rating graph. Apr, 13 - 1 game against “weaker” opponent (in reality, equal opponent): +20 points.

Now here’s lower ranked example. Mar, 21 - 3 losses against stronger opponents sent them from 10.2k to 11.7k (~70 points).

Maybe not two, but three equal games are enough to change your rank. Though Glicko takes into account a series of games, of course. If we had rating change written somewhere for each game it would be easier to see what happens on average. But I don’t believe your “10 games to gain a rank”.