Rated Puzzles


Would it be possible to take all of the puzzles on this site and implement a puzzle rating system where both players and puzzles have ratings that go up and down depending on whether the puzzle was solved correctly? I come from chess where this is the norm. See lichess.org or chess tempo for an example of what I mean.

I just feel like it would be a lot easier to find puzzles at one’s own level this way and one can continue solving puzzles ad infinitum.

Sorry maybe I should be using the term tsumego instead of puzzles but you catch my drift.


Something like that exists for go: https://blacktoplay.com/

But the rating on that site is not integrated with any go server, nor does OGS have a system of rated puzzles.


See also http://goproblems.com/

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Thanks, I’ve been using this website, but I think that the clean, modern interface of OGS would be much better. Just suggesting that this site does it’s own version of goproblems.com, and it’s already got a ton of puzzles to pull from.


Thanks, blacktoplay.com looks quite nice. Will give it a go.


Definitely agree it would be nice to have one day but I think at the moment there are a few things above it on the list. Hopefully one day. :slight_smile: good suggestion


Note that puzzle ranks on blacktoplay are manually set (not dynamic like on lichess), so not exactly what you were looking for but should give a pretty similar solving experience :slight_smile:


A splendid suggestion!


I want OGS to buy and localize this tsumego adventure interface. It’s so cute.


Made a GitHub proposal for this issue :stuck_out_tongue: see what happens


I 200% agree, that would be great.

Only problem i see is the load of work in view, as the puzzles category is a bit of a mess with a mix of different levels of quality, different goals (some are more like a knowledge exposition as a problem). Last but not least i hope all can be done without having to contact each publisher of the puzzles.

Thank you guys for taking my suggestion seriously.

I know that chess puzzles can be generated automatically with an AI. Go is probably different because chess generally has fewer candidate moves on each move and more forcing moves.

But maybe a similar approach that is used on chess puzzle websites for automatically pruning bad moves can be used in tsumego, and the AI can generate what are considered to be correct variations i.e. solutions to the puzzle.


Im really pleased to see this is getting seriously looked at! Ive been really hoping something like this is in the pipeline. It just makes so much sense, everyone I know who takes go seriously practices tsumegos so it just makes sense to have it on the site.

Chess.com is a great site and the only reason its better than OGS is because it has a proper rated puzzle section (obviously only comparing site functionality not the fact they are totally different games!).