Rating Adjustment

Good evening! It’s been quite some time since I’ve played (at least a year!) and, coming back to it, I can tell I’m quite rusty. Would it be possible to have my rating adjusted down to ~15k and see how I fare from there? Much appreciated, thanks!

It isn’t possible to do manual ratings adjustments these days but the current system will adjust very quickly after a few games.

Note also that you can still use the ‘Custom Game’ option to seek games against opponents of the rank you prefer.

See also: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Noted - the problem I’m running into is that, even for 13k games (for example) that don’t have a rating restriction listed, I’m being told that my rank is to high to accept that challenge.

In case you’re not aware, playing unranked games won’t adjust your rating… so if you want your rating to fall try to play a couple ranked games. Even if they’re against people your own rating or higher, if you win maybe you’re just wrong about your ability and if you lose you’ll fall as you want