Rengo status

In fact if it’s not my turn and I didn’t make the last move, the circle doesn’t appear at all.


Yep! I think I’ve nailed most of the things causing these issues, fix is submitted to anoek for review.


The latest fixes are on beta now.

If you find a bug not listed in the top post please describe it following here.


I have a suggestion, not really a bug, but noticed that the Ai review ran automatically when I played as the first on a team but not otherwise. I’m wondering how the ai reviews might interact with rengo for example.

Would a site supporter be able to run a review if none of their team mates or opponents were supporters for example?

It doesn’t seem like a must, but might be something that does come anyway.


Thanks, I added that to the “think about it list” at the top post.


The whole point is to disrupt consistency, and say “hey this is different, recalibrate your eyes”.

I think the remainder of the cues are similar enough to what we normally see to warrant this message alerting us solidly that it is “the new thing”.

It’s also a new thing we’re proud of (I hope) so personally I like to be able to announce it in that way.

I can see that it’s not ideal for mobile though - maybe we can find a media switch to turn it off at the point that the layout flips to the column view. Though ironically in that view there are even less immediate cues that it is Rengo.

I acknowledge that there’s a fair bit of pushback on this title thingo … I’ve made it smaller in the latest release, and I guess if it has to go then it has to go, but here I’m explaining why I’m resisting :slight_smile:


We tested live rengo again today.

What I noticed is:

  1. You can start a Rengo with only 2 players. I think it shouldn’t be possible. (Rengo 9x9 test)
  2. The player who sets up the challenge cannot read the chat until he/she refreshes the page. When this happens, players who normally don’t have a rank (like me or HeWhoWalksInShadows) have a rank. This happens only for the player who opens the challenge
  3. After both teams have passed a bug (similar to this one) appears. It doesn’t happen if a team resigns
Screenshot for 2)

(Some messages in the game chat were already sent at that point)

Screenshot for 3)

Additional: this is how I see my active games on my profile.

The players are shown well now, you cannot play on your teammate’s turn and they told me that the sound works well. The match counter shows me all games in the right order.


It’s deliberate that you can start with only two people, but that can be changed easily enough if we want - maybe its confusing if it says you can start with 2.

I’ll look into the passing & chatting things.

Edit: I see that when the passing bug happens, the game still does enter stone removal phase, and can be completed, but some of the players are getting this error screen.

Edit: I submitted an update that makes rengo for >2.


Hmm - did I really break that??

Edit: answer: yes, it seems I did! This whole business of being in more than one game at a time is foreign to me :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Edit: I submitted a fix for this … technically I think what I did should have worked, but it ran into a latent pre-existing issue :stuck_out_tongue:


Ironically, since it’s already impossible for most phones to show chat and game board at the same time, the rengo header doesn’t really affect the mobile experience all that much…

I’m in favour of keeping it for now and see what feedback we get after launch, if any.


Regarding the different layouts, I always like to have lots of options for toggling, to customize my “experience” ^^. It was unforgivable when the Gnome devs removed all the good options because they thought “dumbing down is required to meet our users”…

Great bug/issue-reporting right there >_> keep em coming.


Guessing you’re an arch user now then :wink:


Correct. (With Xfce :-p)
So, you too…


Nah I’m a simple guy haha, debian stable with gnome suits me just fine.
Arch users are good friends to keep around though :wink:


Rock solid can’t go wrong.
Oops, sorry for derailing the thread somewhat btw.

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The “error in stone acceptance phase” fix is on beta now.

Note: in the short term, the intent is that only the active players can accept the score. This is because that’s the easiest/safest thing to do. You can have a thread and debate how it actually should be and let me know later :slight_smile:


Cross post this one here :slight_smile:

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Probably the ability to accept the score can/should be handled just like the ability to resign, regarding who is allowed to do it, for consistency.


There’s another thing that might be annoying but isn’t necessarily a bug that I recall coming up in or after the game.

For example the autocomplete/replacement of things like player X by a link to a profile, will turn a sentence like “Who is Player 1?” to “Who is anoek?”.

While it’s quite funny, it’s a bit inconvenient if people are trying to discuss the game. So maybe one can think of workaround or exception in these cases.


This is not specific to rengo BTW, in any chat of any game, and for any number n, the string “player n” or “playern” is replaced by the nickname of the player `

For instance, “player 2” becomes “bsdmatburt”, “player 3” becomes “matwjones”, etc.`

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