Review request: 19k game 19x19

I would like some commentary on the first 1/3 of this game. I played as black, and I thought I was playing pretty well until I looked up and was way behind on territory. I know I started throwing away stones after the 1/2 way point trying to make something happen.

The opening moves in the lower right corner seemed strong, then I think I blew it.

I’ve been trying to work on shape, and recognizing sente.


See my comments in the game record.

It can be fun if you load a game record and predict the next move at each turn. At your current level, I would recommend you simply predict the quadrant (top/bottom x left/right).

If you get it right more than 25% of the time, you can make it more challenging by dividing the board into 9 regions (top/mid/bottom x left/center/right).