Review request 9x9

Hi, I am stuck with large board Go so, I would like to go back to small boards. Are the moves the same? Because, I am not doing to well on the small board. Thanks


I think the strong guys will do a more useful review of this game than me.

But to me I think you should yourself review your game thinking about what you wanted to do with each move, thinking about if it worked as expected or not, and if not what you could have done better.

For exampe, I suppose you didn’t want your 4 stones to die after E9, but they did, why? what could have you done better?


You might like this:

And 81 little lions

If you’ve not seen these.

In the game, I’m looking at the moves at j4 - what was the plan here? Typically first line moves are for endgame and not big enough earlier in the game.
And d4, where you could have saved the 6 stones and kept the whole of the top side with d5. Worth more than saving the two stones in the lower left.


The opening on a 9x9 is a bit specific so you can check what is written on this (lot of stuff on OGS). Otherwise it’s the same as on a 19x19 game.

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Hi @Nettling_Jade_Mantis! You had a lot of good ideas here, but you let your groups get too fragmented. Focus on keeping your groups connected and strong, and limit yourself to just two of them. That’s the most this board size can support. Find specific comments below.


Thank you very much for your help. :blush:

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