Server Time / Weekend indicator

Aloha. This isn’t a huge deal, but…

Can we please add a server date/time indicator somewhere? That way I could know when weekend pauses start and end. Even niftier would be a “weekend starts/ends in _ hours” indicator that only shows on friday/sunday.

Note: This is unrelated to previous threads, which asked for remaining time in games being displayed when it’s still weekend.


Great request! I was always trying to guesstimate this when I played corr but never quite got it nailed down! A little clock somewhere showing server time (and possibly local time?) say, on your home page and profile page? Would be quite helpful I believe.





I got this project up to “ready to submit to anoek for checking over” today… but silly me did it in the same branch as the other project I’m working on… so, if I can split the branches successfully tomorrow… there should be a new PR going up then… :stuck_out_tongue:


So, it turns out my incompetence lead to me needing to make TWO new branches, as I bollocksed the first one I made as well :rofl:

But, victory was not out of reach!

I’ve just submitted the pull request.
IMO it could be implemented as is, though there are still a few things I could potentially add to it depending on what anoek thinks of what I’ve done so far.

Currently looks like:

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Think this is fully good to go now, everything discussed in this thread has been implemented (I believe), just waiting on feedback from anoek :slight_smile:


You’re getting you’re own pull-request homework I see :smiley:

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Just a little bit :stuck_out_tongue: ignorant white boy forgot that not everyone on here speaks English and that translation and localisation are totally things I should account for.

herp derp

They stole my beautiful ISO standards! What is the world coming to :frowning:

The above mentioned pull request has been merged.
Indicator should be live on the home page (overview) and profile pages soon, hopefully by this weekend :slight_smile:


Yoink! Neat-o. :partying_face:

Give me a few months and I should be able to contribute as well. Lernin all the javas.


For contributing here you wanna learn React and TypeScript (assuming you already know html/css) :slight_smile:

FYI, @anoek decided a better location for the server time / weekend indicator would be the bottom of the about page. So, that’s where it currently lives on the live site.

With the way I implemented it, it’s really simple to move around to any location on the site. So, if you have a favourite spot you think it’d be absolutely perfect in, don’t hesitate to make a case for it :slight_smile:
I’m sure anoek will consider all reasonable suggestions for where it could live, and maybe he could even share his thoughts as to why he thinks the about page is an ideal location. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t learned any of those, but still contributing. In many cases it’s enougth to know any programming language.

Since java and JavaScript have nothing in common: Why (at the same time)?

Ok that’s fair, any coding experience is enough to dip your feet in and fumble your way around :smiley: but since he explicitly mentioned he was learning languages, I thought I’d let him know which languages OGS is actually written in :slight_smile:

Hopefully because he’s keen to contribute to the Joseki Dictionary, which is Java on the backend :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

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Just java, plural for the memes. :smiley:

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