Server upgrade issues


Hi Team, I am almost new in go and OGS is a great site. I think this local failure won’t affect the global quality of your service. Managing servers and upgrades for better features can’t be done without broken eggs. On my side, it’s seem I have a duplicating which is ok and another one move back from 62 to 31. I was a little diapointed because I though I have some advantages. But my judgement at this time is almost false. So I don’t really care.
I understand that some can be frustrated but let 's keep go spirit, think global not local. Thanks.


I think it’s more about how the upgrade was done rather than the quality. I can see that OGS is trying to be better in terms of everything, and it’s a good thing. (I prefer the old interface to the new one, but that’s just my personal opinion.)

I’m not in the OGS team so I’m not sure exactly what were the operations done, but I’ve done system upgrades for customers as well, and I think below are some of the issues.

  1. Why wasn’t there a longer downtime?

Major upgrades are bound with come with issues, and there should’ve been a longer downtime to ensure that everything is going well before opening it up to everybody to use. I don’t mind not using OGS for 1 week or more if there won’t be any major issues by the time it’s done.

  1. Why wasn’t there enough testing done?

Again for major upgrades functions should be thoroughly tested to ensure they can run smoothly before opening it up to everyone. It’s good that beta testing was opened up to all, but wasn’t the period a bit too short? Before I could play any games on the beta site, the upgrade was already ongoing. Couldn’t the testing have been longer to find out more bugs, instead of attempting to upgrade without enough testing?

  1. Why wasn’t there a backup plan?

I think this is the most important… Any system upgrades should have a backup plan, and what to do when things go wrong. This can be in the form of database backup or rollback plan. I can’t say for sure because I don’t know what is the structure of OGS, but even if you are 100% confident there is bound to have some errors. If the errors could’ve been predicted there should’ve some kind of preventive measures. If the errors could’ve been predicted, there should’ve been a judgement of whether to go for the backup plan depending on how major the error is. Seeing the number of games that have been lost by timeout, it seems to be a major error, but apparently nothing can be done now.

Of course, being a free user like myself, I don’t really have the rights to complain, so these are just my comments. I’m losing too many games due to the error so I intend to give up all my games and come up again when things are stable. Hope to see good old OGS coming back soon!


I suggest adding an option to finished games, requesting their annulment, and that must be accepted by the opponent.

I think that most people here are honest enough to accept annulment of games that have ended due to bugs even if it was in their favor, and that could help set the records straight.

Optionally, if it is mainly faulty timeouts, the option could be to request a clock reset.


I’m sure you’re working super hard, it’s appreciated! Good luck working out the issues tonight.


You are doing a great job!

I thank you thousand times for your dedication and ability to improve the server even in the face of these hurdles.
Don’t mind grumblers, grouches, growlers, grousers et al. Sure there are hiccups, but hiccuping is what makes other times so calm and smooth.

Spread the good vibes!


I don’t think that it is very funny that you propose to do something as drastic as wiping all games and then add things like “relax” and “rest easy”. Yes, you may not be the person who makes this decision but you are definitely here as a “official” person and should think twice before you say things.

I might say that at the moment it is impossible for me to download my games from ogs for backup because only a sixth or so is accessible at all. I am quite “surprised” that not only was there no backup but that there are purple people who think that losing data is actually no problem at all and can be done on purpose.


I might add that I certainly accept that errors happen and did not come to this thread to complain, but this suggestion to wipe the database on purpose needs to be smacked down, by many people, as soon as possible. And no adding “relax, I might actually not hit you, just considering whether to hit you” does not help at all, it just servers to prove that you have no idea at all what you are proposing.


I wish there would be a game out there, where it is important to cobe with, to learn that wining or losing is less important then playing the game and learning from it. And we all could play such a game on a wonderful online platform, where the developers trying to improve the game expirience even there might be complications. That would be nice. :no_mouth:


Seriously? Because you do not mind losing all your game records everyone else who does mind is probably worried about “winning or losing”? Or should I believe that your post has been posted by accident in this thread?


I’m not quite as irate about it, but I do agree that old games should definitely not be cleared.


Well, what’s happening is certainly not the end of the world (nobody has died, no one is going to lose his job, no sensitive information was leaked to a rival political party) and it’s hardly worth losing one’s sleep over it, but reacting with “keep up the good work!” somehow seems to me like overdoing it just a tiny bit :wink:


But remember that there is only 1 full time developer working on this site who quite frankly doesn’t have to.


Wiping the entire database is way too extreme, I think. There are game records there dating back to the pre-merge OGS. It’s like suggesting to burn an ancient library because there is a couple of cockroaches in the building.

If technically feasible, I’d suggest stopping all the game clocks (or even bringing the server down), taking some sleep and after that fixing the bugs without rushing things… but @anoek probably does not need my advice all that much :slight_smile:


There is no interest in deleting any of the game records on purpose, let alone all. It won’t happen. If you read this again:

personally, very unpopular…

Despite being a mod people are allowed to have opinions and make suggestions. Or sometimes even joke around.


The work devs are doing is good. They should keep doing it.

There are some negative, or even whiny, voices, and they have to be balanced ten times. I thought that I should do it precisely in the way I’ve done it. I’m sorry you were offended or whatever, @temifar, but I trust you understand — even agree with — my intention: To cheer up devs and to let them know that their work is much appreciated and not taken for granted.

So, to quote, “keep up the good work!”


I don`t understand a lot about site managing and etc., but your site pretty much inspired me to start playing Go. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one like that :smiley: . Thank you for the effort you put in the site, it is amazing <3


Hello !

All this story let us realize how much alive the OGS community is and that’s precious :slight_smile:
I belong to those people who don’t understand how that big bunch of problems could occur: today, we know how to do test-driven development, we know how to do DB backups and restores, we know how to put a website under maintenance to freeze database changes, etc…
But, I also know it actually occurs even if methods and technologies exist to mitigate the risk, even if we have the skills and the desire to do it well. Why ? Because, we are not perfect but also because all that stuff is time consuming.

(not to mention s/w and h/w failures you have to cope with and at a certain cost)

It’s important to remember for how long OGS had been stable, slow, that’s right, but relatively stable. And that’s after all we are here for having fun and improving our playing. Besides of (justified or not) losses of games and falls in the ranking, after OGS gets stabilized, we will still can do it anyway and on a better OGS platform :slight_smile:
The v5 update was certainly a prerequisite for expanding its features integrating a bunch of very expected ones.
So, let’s take it easy and be happy of that. Never forget as well that it’s (almost if you consider the cost of the ads you may see) all free.

Happy go,



Yes, the devs are doing lot of good work which I have also praised in the past. But here, I have reacted to a very inappropriate post. When there is “joking” that all data might be wiped and I am strongly opposed to it and you are talking right here about “whining” and “grumbling” then you are not talking in a general way. You are saying to me personally that I should shut up, but are too cowardly to directly engage with me because then you would actually have to explain why.

Sure, mods “are allowed” to “joke”, but if they “are allowed” behave like trolls then they - and other mods - should accept that they get answers that are appropriate to trolling. And it is NOT the case that trohde has retracted his post, no, he repeated his suggestions, because it is so fun to joke about data loss when there is actually currently data loss going on.


Yes, there is risk. Yes, I certainly accept and even expect mistakes. I have not complained about other glitches before this post by trohde, just reported bugs since beta. But no, I don’t except a blase attitude about data loss coupled with the idea that I should find this funny and people defending poor trohde instead of quickly and clearly saying that this is completely out of line. You can of course repeat ten times like a lot of other people that “we” should “take it easy” because you don’t care and you are not supporting ogs, so this must be true of everyone.


Hello @Wulfenia, I’m sorry but I was not directly talking to you. My post was more a global reaction to all the feedback to the OGS upgrade and related issues :slight_smile: