Setting up a game with a friend (or a relative)

Tx … I am a newbie here and have not played GO in years. I want to play online on a 9X( board with my granddaughter… she is in OSLO and I am in Seattle. How do I set up a 9X( game for her and I to play together?


Hello @stephenm.schwartz

I have moved your question to a new thread, since it was not related to the topic of the original discussion.

If you both (you and your granddaughter) have both created an account it is very easy. Click the upper left OGS logo and search for her account’s name. (Also see below). Click on her name and click challenge. A table will pop up that should be pretty self-explanatory. Set the board size, time-settings and so on… If you are not sure about some of the settings leave them at default or ask here :slight_smile:

You can find answeres to other most common questions here:

  1. You should both create an account on OGS.

  2. Do you want to play a Live or Correspondence game with her? A Live game will have shorter time settings. A common Live game time setting here on OGS is 5 minutes per player. Although OGS offers many different options for configuring time for a Live match. A Correspondence game is intended to be played over a longer duration of time. Often a week to a month for a 9x9 game.

  3. As AdamR pointed out, you should search for her account name. Left-click on her name and a pop-up menu will appear, giving you some options. Choose “Add Friend” to send her a friend request. Once she adds you, you can easily find by clicking on the person shaped icon in the top right hand corner of the OGS website.


  1. On the same pop-up menu you can also select “Challenge”, which will allow you to send her a Challenge for a game. Once you click it a window will pop up that has several options that you can configure before you send the challenge.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I would be happy to provide screenshots or an animate GIF to show you what these steps look like, if you find you are having any trouble. I think it is wonderful that you are going to be playing with your Granddaughter and I wish you the absolute best of luck on this endeavor :blush:.


Sounds really nice… I hope you have fun!