Should analysis be enabled?

I am just a beginner in go playing and will still have a to learn a lot. I use go-software to train the basic skills and thereafter I play some online games against human players. But then I don’t use any support by software, because I want to experience a life game. Of course, it can be, that my human opponent uses software, but that does not matter to me, if this happens now and then. I want to train my brain and it gets trained by playing against a computer software or a human player.

I consider my years on KGS to be lost years that have been made up on OGS with analysis and, more recently, the puzzle section.

Crawl before you walk. Walk before you run.

KGS has some really annoying prima donna Dan problem. Most of those clowns are unsuitable to be teachers and do more harm than good to new players.

Analysis allows players to work things out and really figure out how the stones move.

I know I’m getting better because I do puzzles more, real-life/unrated games and I test out my skills once a week against ridiculously overrated players at KGS.

If I was a cute Chinese baby using analysis, then shame the hell out of me. Otherwise, put a sock in it. I started playing at the age of 34.

Why does a matter if someone uses analysis?