Show Kyu/Dan instead of Glicko Rating on Player Profile

No, I’m not talking about the overall rating, just about the sub-ratings. Also, that’s what I could understand from this quotes:

To me, they say that since the sub-ratings come from different scales and different ratings pools, they are only related to the overall rating and not on a global scale (19x19 live from one user to 19x19 live from another user), and since the data which each user obtain its ratings is different, each users sub-ratings true meaning is different.

Simplifying, when reading the information above I understood that since each user has a different history, the way that each sub rating meant is different (think relative on a player data instead of absolute all players 19x19 live data).


Oh, by the way @GreenAsJade, I wrote that before you edited. I am just gonna post that anyway to inform my thought at time. Right now, I think I agree with you interpretation about that, just really would like some sort of final clarification about this from the devs.