Software with "guess next move" mode

Which program can you recommend that gives you the opportunity to guess the next move. Either for Problem Tasks and Pro Games.

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For android I have:


Thanks a lot! I´m looking for a Windows 10 Solution. Sorry for not explaining this.

Sabaki is a pretty popular SGF viewer that has a “guess mode”


OGS Joseki Explorer has “Play Mode” where you need to guess the next move in the Joseki…


As a related post What about a pro-games next move guess game?

Smart go has this feature, I have it for iOS, but there’s a Windows app which I presume has the same feature.

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In itself any sgf viewer let you guess the next move or?

I found a great solution. Maybe ti´s interesting for someone else?!?

If you use the Chrome “Web Go Board” Extension, you can drag and drop any .sgt file into it, and you have the sarting postion by defaul.

Hm Drago at least has a replay feature, but that might not exactly be what you mean.

The nice thing about smart go’s implementation, that makes it feel like more of a game, is that when you get it wrong it will either show you that you’re in the wrong area and X out points on the board, or if it’s the right area it will highlight potential places it could be, eventually narrowing down options.

It’s a nice ui for the game basically, and it has a database of pro go games, you don’t need to go find ones you’re interested in and download them to open them in something else.

It’s pricey, and maybe if that’s the only feature you want it might not be worth it, but I think they also have a free trial for the windows software.