Still no rengo?

Hello :slight_smile:

Seriously, still no rengo ?

Can OGS really enter 2019 without such a feature ? Seriously ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Look at it this way, you can be the first to implement it. :thinking:

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Hello @smurph

But, I guess there’s also a work to accomplish backend side ?



There is still some time till 2019, isn’t there? :smiley:

To be perfectly honest, I kind of doubt it will be implemented till then, and I am hoping we can enter 2019 even without it :smiley:.

And while I too would like to see it (and don’t wanna talk for Anoek) I think the original idea behind OGS was to make it a great place to play classical Go. And whether visible or not (let’s hope not :smiley: ) there is a lot of work to be done on that still, and I think it is a good thing not to divide attention into too many projects at once.

But yeah, I am pretty sure, that would require some backend work :smiley:


I agree making OGS a great place to play classical go is aleady a very interesting challenge.

Well, it’s already reached since we are already many to play here. So, let’s say: to make it much better.

But, a variant, truly implemented would be so much fun and would attract many people.

Even if would be only “unicolor”, it would be really appreciated.


Yes, I completely agree, just no promises till 2019 :smiley:

Well, if that was the goal, then someone needs to think of a way to siphon all the strong dan players off other servers and funnel them to OGS. Most urgent change!


I wonder if we can’t have two bots, share their API tokens between the members of two rengo teams.

Then play via API or GTP from a basic app or web page. Does anyone have thought of this ?


To do that, we basically need to write our own client to play on ogs. That’s hard enough. And we’d need a server to check that no one moves out of order. That’s even harder. Maybe we should start with something simpler?

Like a forum post expressing our desire for rengo to be built into OGS? :wink:


You can always play on IGS if you want integrated rengo. If you really desire rengo here, it can be done via having two players log into the same account – though it’s a bit of a botch. Sure, everyone would like a rengo interface, but it’d bog down the devs so much that it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile. Remember the exotic stones project that never came to anything? If that can’t get off the ground then I doubt a rengo section can.

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Kgs also has built in rengo just fyi

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Does IGS have rengo


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I was asked again whether OGS has Rengo … is there still something happening in this direction?


Rengo seemed to be a top priority on the 2020 survey.


currently when players want to play rengo on our server, they either need to share passwords so they can each play on the same account or else awkwardly PM moves every other turn… it would be wonderful if we could natively support rengo


I was asked recently that when we implement rengo, could we actually implement team go so that we could have teams of any size playing each other, not just 2v2?