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Well, it makes no sense otherwise … if Black stones are also made from a shell then:
a) why call them slate and shell and not just “shell”
b) how come noone talks about the grain of the black stones and they only care about the white ones?
c) that slab that is sold for paperweights does look like a rock and it has no curve. If that is a shell, then it must have been so huge, that I could probably sleep inside that monster :stuck_out_tongue:

Went to Kuroshi and found their most expensive slate and shell product. Those stones cost 40.000 Euros. If they are using black clams, then that would have been the product to have an “all shell” sale.

Turns out, they are stone: “All clamshell stone sets includes black stones, as well, which is made from Nachiguro slate stone.”

40000 euros … good God!

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It’s closer than we ever got. :wink: Thank you!

It’s a lot to shell out… I’d have to put it on the slate…:rofl::rofl:


Cool, is this the start of a series of slate and shell jokes?

  • If you don’t pay for the SLATE, the collection agency will give you a sHELL of a time.

  • Playing with a 40.000 euro set of stones? Not me, I would put it on the SHELLves.


Sounds shellfish to me :innocent:
Imagine if the post office lost a 40.000 euro worth of parshell … not to mention that every day that it was slate in arriving, you would be unshelltled until the box arrives and everything feels exshellent again.

Ok, let’s wipe the slate clean now or this topic will turn into a pan full of shell puns :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I may have cheated by searching in Japanese.

Dang I’m alwayS late to the party, pretty sure you’re ducking out because you’d get Shellacked.


Wait a sec, I want one of those slate cutout paperweights!

And congrats on the storefront!

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If you’re serious, message me and I’ll order you a set of 5. Honestly, the majority of the cost will be the international shipping.


O yeah I imagine the weight of such things…

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Great stuff, @Soromon!

I received a set from your shop for Christmas! The bowls and stones are in great shape. Amazing value and condition for a quality vintage set.


Pics please!


Sure, I’ll take some, but was procrastinating a bit since my phone takes crappy macro shots and I would need to use a different camera.

EDIT: Here are some photos

Sorry, I don’t have a wooden goban in my house at the moment, so I improvised a bit.

I think the bowls were advertised as some sort of mulberrry.

Is this how you’re supposed to use these?

A formidable position

In the bowls

Sorry, I realize now that the lighting was not so great

More power shapes

White is behind with four stones on the bar

The stones are size 30 (about 8 mm thick), snow grade. Perhaps @Soromon could provide more information about the set. I believe the item number is c071, but the information page for it is now offline.

The backgammon set was purchased earlier from a separate retailer.


Damn! I can’t re-like your post!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But I absolutely like your stones and bowls and the irony of presenting them on a backgammon board. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: