Store & display timestamps for each move

When looking back through a game it would be useful to see the timestamps for each move so that it is possible to see how long was taken between each move etc.

There are at least a couple of use-cases where this would be valuable:

  • I’ve known teachers in the past to make comments such as: “I see you only took 3 seconds on this move - you needed to spend longer considering this position rather than just playing the first move you thought of”
  • When reviewing tournament games played over OGS for possible cheating, it can be useful to match timestamps in the game vs video provided etc



It’s a pretty common request.

Clossius proposed it in March:

And I touched on it in this thread only a week ago:

This thread says that all the info is there with move times listed in milliseconds somehow:

Yeah, so it seems there are multiple threads about this as you say… apologies, I should have checked first…

Oh well, another thread to highlight that it’s a feature in demand I guess :slight_smile:

the main concern is how to aesthetically display the info…

How about a simply temporary work around:

  1. The move # for every 15 minutes: Personally, if I play a game with main time less than 15 minutes, I don’t really care how I manage the time, cause it is a chaos no matter what. Or,

  2. Give two data points of mid and end game starts: the program assumes, say 25% of the main time for opening, 55% for mid game. I just make up the %.

There is a work around we players can do actually, just put comments in the chat. The comments have a timestamp and move #. For example, when the opening finishes, you can type in mid game starts… Or, it is time to resign, pal, then you know when you started losing a must win game.

Ofc, this does not tell what each player spends.

iirc it took a couple of years to even harass Anoek into getting OGS to put the correct ranks in SGFs again. We might be waiting on timestamps a while.

I just posted to that thread about how it could be included in the SGF.

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