Story-telling aka "The grandpa thread"

Let’s start the story-telling game after the current werewolf game has finished.

Actually, maybe if @Vsotvep has already laid some groundwork, they might be best to lead us off.


Well, it’s just a continuation of what the werewolf game is about.


I’ve had ideas of this kind of “unified story” floating in my head for quite some time.

In fact, I started thinking in those terms since the beginning the Arbitrary Group (which is the group of the puzzle thread, so maybe you already know).

For reference, Problem #3 was about a certain island where I would, as much as possible, set all other story-related puzzles (by the way, @Vsotvep submitted long ago some great looking maps) . Problem #6, for example, occurs in the capital city; but you could reasonably fit many of the other others in there. Oh! also the secret treasure, I almost forgot—though no one has found it so far :sweat:.

When I came back to the server a couple of months ago, and saw the Werewolf stories, I started wondering if those ‘canons’ could be merged into one. It seems that it has sort of happened, for Werewolf at least.

So, here is my question:

Should we establish a sort of backstory for the characters that we’ve got so far, including details about the narrative universe this is all set in? Because I’m all in for that, ready to dump Wikipedia-style content :laughing:.

EDIT: Remember when I said “but this be canon now”? I meant it.