[Study Group] Essential Life and Death Patterns

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Does this work?

I don’t think so.

42, 21, 12 kills. 13 and 41 are miai to prevent black from forming a 2nd eye.

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If it’s black to play, I’m fairly confident that A17 lives. I’m not sure what the best result white can get if it’s white to play.


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With white to play, does this kill?

No, and I’m fairly sure the refutation is the same.


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I already knew the status of the tripod group but I had to check Sensei’s for the details.

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Well, then just don’t? :smiley: I am sorry I am not sure what the question is then. Yes, it is impossible to use in the middle of the line, and there is no way to work around it (that I know of).

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Something < spoiler>like this< /spoiler> doesn’t work?

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I want to share some thoughts about why are these patterns important for progress (more so than other life-and-death problems)?

  1. They are the result of typical corner invasion sequences. You still have to learn the invasion sequence but it helps to know the result is alive at a glance. More subtly, you know the standard shapes and look for sequences that build them.
  2. They are essential for more advanced life-and-death. When a sequence ends up with a group you know is dead, you can stop reading early and discard the sequence.

Simple example : take a L+1 group. If you play hane on the “+1” side, you get a L group which is dead. Problem solved.
If I have the time, I’ll share a few such sequences for 1. later.


L group in actual play:

Look at the bottom right group starting at move 9. My opponent played for the “natural” defending moves which end in a L-group, probably not recognising it was dead, and giving me an easy game.

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Shape 9: One-Space Notchers

Not really a single shape, but rather a family of shapes, which are in turn part of an even larger family of shapes. See also the Table of Notchers (link posted by @bugcat earlier).




Spoiler Proverb

“Four die, Seven live”
or, alternatively,
“Five and Six are unsettled”

Note: weaknesses and liberties also affect the status

Status in the corner?