Tally of "your move" games is incorrect

Hello, I am princepawn and the indicator which shows the number of games where it is my turn to move is showing “1” even though it is not my turn to move in any game.

Screenshot: https://monosnap.com/image/h96P6I1qEd2z5xWhFnyZuD05MUF8WC.png

Ditto. Another example of this bug:

The game responsible is this one: https://online-go.com/game/16517306 against Purble.

If I am remembering correctly, previous cases of this bug have resolved themselves after your opponent and then you, make new moves in the affected game.

How do you know that particular game is causing the problem?

And why is your opponent’s name in Yellow on 2 of your games?

Clicking on the ‘Tally Number’ cycles you through games where the system thinks it is your turn. In my case it takes me to the game versus Purble even though, like you, it is not actually my move in any games.

The Yellow names denote site supporters.

@anoek this is becoming more common (see R496)

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I have 3 of this games in my rotation. One of which is finished (https://online-go.com/game/16668600). I wonder if it will resolve itself never the less.

What I’ve seen before is that it resolves if the game count gets to zero.

It should be “fixed” again for folks. I think I see what’s causing the issue in the first place, I haven’t yet fixed that, but added to the list here.


Looks like I have the same problem with this game: https://online-go.com/game/16218148
The game is finished, but I still go to it by clicking on the icon in top right. And it always shows that it is my turn in 1 game.

Now it’s gone. Did you do something?

It’s happening for me, but the other way around: the counter is showing 3 games while it’s my turn in 5 games. The strange thing is, when I log in from different devices, all counters show 3 but not the same 3 (Firefox and Chromium on Arch Linux and Firefox on Android)
I hope it will go away soon, but it’s inconvenient because I almost timed out a game. The home page does show it correctly.


See also: Wrong number displayed in black circle

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I’ve pointed this out in other threads about the same topic. It will go away if you resolve all of your outstanding moves, so that you actually have 0 moves to play.

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Yes, I can confirm that.

Still it would be good to get this solved eventually. Players may time out accidentally because of this.

It doesn’t always go away. Sometimes you have to wait for some weeks until it sorts itself out.

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