The future of Human vs Computer Go in a post-AG world

If you can’t make sense of a statement, then why not ask politely for clarification before launching into a tirade based on assumption?

And did anyone besides yourself use that word, “agent”? No.
Even so, I’m not entirely convinced the term is inaccurate to describe AlphaGo.

That is exactly what I meant. My use of the present tense is because I would be remiss to state in absolute terms that humans will NEVER achieve a level of cognition that allows them to perform the massive calculations currently exclusive to electronic software.

Can we be friends now? :grin:


I did:

I am not accusing anyone of using this word. I proposed to discuss whether one should treat alphago as an agent. And yes, “agent” is used already in rather the opposite way I used it. With “agent” I meant something/someone acting on its own behalf. Or maybe just someone capable of acting at all.

I didn’t know discussions are there for making friends. But you are right. This seems rather unproductive. So I’ll refrain from any further comments. Have a nice day!

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Friend! :grinning: