The timer should be counted on the client not the server

Thanks, my original wording had an intention to emphasize that the second case is much less likely to happen.

Simple solution: Think one second faster.


I think “much less likely to happen” depends a lot on how easy it is to implement. If it turns out it’s easy to exploit and someone can just make a chrome extension or other browser extension that does it for you then that’ll be much more likely to be widely exploited.

If you think other people are using such an extension, then that would be justification enough to use it yourself etc.

I mean people make these types of things Chess Master - Chrome Web Store where the implication is that they would be used for cheating.

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There’s also the issue that even if the actual cheating is rare, suddenly everyone with a slow internet connection starts to look like a cheater…

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Why not just add a checkbox in the game settings? “Use client-side timer: Yes/No”. And set it to “No” by default.
That way everyone who’s afraid of a stray time-cheater will still feel secure and keep losing to a cheater with AI.