Thoughts about the means and role of capture in board games

Wakko: The king is a jerk!
Tax Collector: Wonderful! That qualifies you for the “Calling the King a Jerk Tax”.

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For each player, difference in number of viable move options, compared to default behavior after a move?

Shogi: capturing player +; captured player -

I also considered a definition like this, but a non-capturing move might also restrict the opponents move options, by stepping in front of a long-range piece. Conversely, a capturing move can actually give the opponent more moves (consider for instance a knight stepping out of the line of sight of an opponent rook to capture a pawn. The extra squares that can now be reached by the rook can be larger in number than the number of possible moves the pawn had). So I don’t think this definition quite captures what we usually mean by capturing, unfortunately.


I was trying to categorize what are inside capturing, not defining it itself. Compared to making a similar move that doesn’t lead to capture.

Ah sorry, I extrapolated the intention incorrectly.