Through the Years: Long Correspondence

No! That’s a terrible idea.

Why should we rush to unpause their game? What right do we have to inject such disruption?

Before taking any action, one should at least make significant and repeated efforts to contact the players.


Yes, I fully agree about contacting them (and should have mentioned that).

I disagree about (the tournament director) not having the right to do anything though.


If there is going to be any intervention, there should be clear rules and procedures for doing so. Even with provisions to prevent the tournament from being held up by slow play, I think it is way too soon to single out particular games that we feel should be prodded along.

There are still thousands of ongoing games and I think it is presumptuous to try to speed up any specific games at this point. For all we know, the players involved in this game might decide to finish things up quickly next week in a live session or one of them might even resign. For now, any particular game is unlikely to be the slowest of the thousands left. There are also perfectly legitimate reasons to use a pause before and instead of exhausting vacation, such as when one anticipates possibly needing more time away than available in vacation time. We don’t know why they paused, and perhaps the players discussed the reason and duration over private message instead. Either way, I think we should give the benefit of the doubt, or seek clarification with communication, but still I think it is premature to seek clarification at this point, since it could put undue pressure on the players to resume when they might be dealing with some other personal life challenges at the moment.


Kitty got under severe attack early on. And after that black even lived with a giant chunk of territory on the left.

Short but fighty dan game.

Even 2k game. Could’ve made a guessing game out of it.

It’s so surprising a game with so much fighting ended in 0.5 points.

Black was doing so great, killing everything. But white managed to find a few accurate moves and completely reversed it.

Just a nice close game.

7k half a pointer.

They missed that cut for so long.

teapoweredrobot was doing so great and then got distracted.

One move wasted away 15-20 point advantage.

DDK games are so peaceful.

But this one is rather fighty.

Our dear flovo finished a game.

Look at that shape in top-right. It’s super effective.


Story of my life!


Remember this whole conversation?

I know people projected their own issues and whatnot in there, but that thread addressed a very specific issue.

I love vacation stopping black from timing out here. Which reminded me of question. Let’s say we have Fischer max 5 days with pauses on weekends. And during one weekend player played a bunch of moves and got exactly 5 days on the clock and it’s their move when weekend ends. And until the next weekend we have exactly 5 days. Will they timeout or weekend will save them if they don’t move until the next weekend?

We have some people who timed out everything. Pay respects to the fallen.

Ashurax wants to get to 1d by April and yet they ceased all activity. Let’s hope they like playing on pandanet more.

Lhotse from Austria. Looks like they really got into OGS when corona times hit.

Seeboooo. What a nice kitty. Looks like they got bored and resigned games.

Blind_Eye. They already have a few breaks in their history. Maybe they’ll come back.

painter87, seems like a recent new player. Maybe they’ll return, or maybe they decided to take their life elsewhere.

BigGoBoi, maybe another coronavirus convert. I wonder what happened to them.

Maybe ionian-exile registered especially to participate in this tournament. But couldn’t keep it up.

2k vs 10k? Quite a difference.

Look how one crucial mistake ruined black’s position.

Another funny game like that. Pretty even for 80 moves or a little more. Yes, there’re 15-point mistakes, but overall balanced. Then boom, destroyed.

A little saw in the beginning, then big saw for black, they white seems to have, and no, black got it.

Look. I didn’t count but it looks like white were losing here in the end? But then invaded in a desperate attempt and it worked.


Four more games finished

Damn, these guys scored it so crudely and yet it’s pretty close to the actual score.

Russian made a review here.


13 14 more games ended, 8000+ games finished

Ah, kickaha timed out. I have 7-6 score against Daniug. I knew the name sounded familiar.

IronCow time out.

Numbers time out.

Finally a complete game, big kill

Nexsalus1275 time out.

tibbytabby two time outs.

mingwei time out, and no activity on the account. F.

goenthusiast time out.

fademara time out.

jpw123 time out, and no activity on the account. Another fallen brother or sister.

Assai time out

Ctrl+C works so terrible on OGS


I like that kind of clean big kill, with not too many stones played.

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Looks like isor is also out.

What an interesting game here. Black didn’t see a way to connect that bunch of stones, perhaps?

Went into counting.

And here 4.5 points, pretty close for DDKs. But OGS DDKs are rather calm.

Another dead account

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Data update:

Total number of participants:          2233
Total number of players in this round: 2233 (100.00%)
The following data is about the current round only.
Disqualified or dropped out:            470 (21.05%)
Still competing:                       1763 (78.95%)
Number of groups:                       224
Progress: 8034 games decided out of 10038 (80.04%)
Max. games decided by a single player:           9
Min. games decided by a single player:           0
Max. games still open for a single player:       9
Min. games still open for a single player:       0
Max. fraction of games done by a single player: 100.00%
Min. fraction of games done by a single player: 0.00%
Number of players having finished all games:    816 (36.54%)
Number of players having finished no games:     19 (0.85%)
Groups with all games finished:                 25 (11.16%)
Groups with no games finished:                   0 (0.00%)



First day with <100 games decided.

That’s still an average of almost exactly four games / hour, ie. one game / 15 mins.

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My graphs are per week, not per day.

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Ah, so 98 games / one week = 98 games / 168 hours = “0.583r games / hour”.

So about one game / two hours.

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Yep. If we say that thoroughly reviewing a game can be done in 1 hour it’s possible now to review them all as they come in, still get 8 hours of sleep a day and have some time left for food and maybe a short walk. Anyone up to it? :wink:

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shahor (7d) joined Zbingu (3d) on higher place.

There are 28 players with 9 wins but only 2 of them (the above mentioned) are from top bar.


Re: mew2554 v ThArGos

I don’t think it will be an issue. mew2554 has timed out of all their other games but ThArGos is making steady (if slow) progress through his others. I suspect he paused to save mew from losing by timeout, but hopefully when he realises mew is not coming back, he will unpause and accept a win by timeout (unless of course the only reason mew joined the tournament was to engineer this situation in collusion with ThArGos)