Timing habits of corr players

Is this for real? If so it probably deserves its own thread. Call it Go statistics

If it was for real, it’d be in a thread called “Go Statistics” :wink: :smiley:

It is what it feels like though! :open_mouth:

Correspondence games go fastest when both people think they have a chance to win, and drag after that.


I think the dragging is mainly a function of the position getting very difficult. Maybe in the end that is the same thing, though.

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Mh… not sure about that, but I know that I play my moves faster when I believe to KNOW what I want or need to play.


I can’t speak for other users, but when I played corr I would agree that typically, if I thought I was comfortably ahead I would play quickly and if I thought the game was close I would take longer.


When I made that graph (out of thin air based on my experience alone) it was really just a vent of frustration at the right hand side of the graph. My experience is that once a correspondence game has swung in my favour, the opponent takes a long time.

Of course, this is fair enough that they are thinking about a difficult challenge, I guess.

But I would have thought that you would take the most time when it is close. That actually isn’t my experience - I think people are interested in the game when it is close, and “deal with it” more quickly than that boring old game that they are losing anyhow.


as long as a game is in my favour i dont dive as deeply into it. there are usually more options than just the one with the desired outcome (a win :D), which makes things a lot easier. conversely its (objectively) a lot harder to find the move that can turn a position/game than one of the moves that dont lose it ^^. the games i am invested in are close games and especially the games i am losing, but not yet ready to give up on.

another factor that plays into the matter heavily is that somtimes i dont have the time or the concentration to spend 10mins + on a move (which would be necessary at least for me to feel i really tried) and i prefer clicking through my games and make the easy moves. this is amplified when, like atm, i have more games to deal with than i would ideally like :wink:.


It is true xDD

I can play moves lot faster when game is still in the early stage and i can see a bunch of things i could do and not be in a losing situation. Same when i feel i’m comfortable ahead, i can be pretty fast with those games cause i see a lot of possible moves which just take me closer to winning the game.

But oh dear god i can be a real slowpoke when i’m losing xD
No matter how long i stare the thumbnail at the overview page, if i can’t see a move that could help me win the game, i will let the game be and keep thinking about it if i just have some time remaining.

So… if you’re ever having a corr game with me and i start constantly dropping under 24 hours, you should feel pretty happy about it ^____^


I think it may also be possible to overthink a position. Sometimes I look at dozens of variations, and the more I consider them, the more indecisive I become.

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