Unable to log in via Facebook

I am unable to login via facebook. The following text pops up:

App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.

Any advice is appreciated as I cannot log into that account now :frowning:

Which app are you using?
@MrAlex 's one for Android

Or @HongAnhKhoa 's one for iOS

Or something else?

I am using my laptop :confused:

It was working last night just fine

Ok so you are trying to log in to the website. Which browser, OS? I think a little more information is needed. And apologies in advance that I’m not personally going to be able to help as I’m not tech literate enough!

I am not a tech wiz either XD. I use Windows 10 Pro

And a mainstream browser I suppose, edge or Chrome or something?
I’ll see what I can find out.
My only other suggesting in the meantime is to clear browser cookies and try again as a step up from switching it off and on again. But that’s the limit of my tech know how I’m afraid!

Yeah edge and chrome. Will try that out now thanks!

My friend have the same problem, and is using windows10 and google chrome. The worst part is that she doesn´t have any password or email in her account so It´s imposible to connect… Any solution?

We had clean the cookies but still unable to log via Facebook. It shoot that message: “We are sorry but the app that you are trying to use doesn´t exist or has been disable”

I had seen that message before (In other webs) and it was because Facebook api locked it

Yeah, exactly the same situation @Salzur

Hi All,

Facebook decided to disable our login integration (without any warning that I saw) because in our privacy policy we don’t explicitly state what personal data we “process” or something to that effect. It’s somewhat humorous to me that the worst offender of privacy violations on the planet would all of a sudden get interested in this to the point of reading our privacy policy and having a problem with that being missing after all these years, and disabling our integration, but hopefully that means they are getting some significant pressure put on them to fix the way they do things, and they are just pushing that pressure downwards. I wouldn’t hold my breath that they’ll actually fix their own platform anytime soon though.

Regardless, we’ll be updating our privacy policy to note that we don’t “process” personal information beyond letting folks share their name on their profile if they choose to, and it’s easy enough to remove that optional information whenever you want. Hopefully that’ll check whatever box they’re looking for and facebook login will work again. They say reviews take about 48 hours, and since they decided to do this on a saturday night, I’d expect the earliest it’ll be working is mid-late next week.

In the mean time, if you use facebook to login, maybe don’t logout, and if you find yourself logged out and need to log back in, contact me at anoek@online-go.com and I’ll set your password so you can login with a good ol’ fashioned login and password.


Hmm. I would argue that Google is worse than Facebook.

Pretty much all information on Facebook is volunteered by its users.

Google reads your emails. Listens to anything happening around your phone. Scans your internet search history. Sells you even scarier products like google home and google nest (as if smartphones weren’t bad enough!)
Heh, somehow i forgot tracks your location everywhere you go, even when GPS or even your phone are “turned off”


Same here. The highlight is that my “facebook” account is a support site account :frowning:
Hope it will work again soon.

Ever visited a site that featured a facebook share button? That’s facebook knowing you visited that site (unless you have those kind of things blocked in some way). I’m convinced they do that even if you aren’t logged into your account, or don’t have a facebook account.

From a few web searches, it seem that facebook reaches about half the number of people as Google does with advertisements. Furthermore, people seem to engage more on average with Facebook’s ads. If Google is the largest advertiser (in our Western world at least), Facebook is a very close second (I’ve seen numbers claiming a 70% to 80% monopoly on digital ads for these two companies), and the number 3 seems to be miles and miles behind that (to be honest, I can’t find it, which should be at least a bit self-explanatory…).


Oh yes, don’t get me wrong, they’re both absolutely horrendous (says the guy that shamefully still uses both), I just think Google is worse.

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Alrighty they turned us back on, this should no longer be an issue


There is a bunch of alternatives, by the way. This site gives a good first overview: Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore, and Tempora - PRISM Break - PRISM Break (however, I’m not sure it is still completely up-to-date)

Regarding the tracking problem: I can only recommend using a good script blocker as a browser addon. For example, Privacy Badger or uMatrix in combination with uBlock Origin.

Yeah thank you. I’m trying to swap but willpower is low haha

Navigation swapped
Email WIP

…but I still use FB, YouTube, Samsung Smartphone, and Gmail… And so does my wife… So, one step at a time :stuck_out_tongue: